Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
Preserve America
Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Index to Info Sought Requests
Page 1
William Henry Walker
Social Group Organizer
Forbes Building
James Richard Arthur
History of Milam County Place Names
Thomas A. Graves Jr.
Morgan House
Sneed Plantation
Isiah Vinters - Doris Moore Hardeman
History of Cameron, TX
Ad Hall School
Mumford Cemetery
Sidewalk Stones
Susie Samson Piper
Francisco Vasquez
Leonard M. Isaacs & Annie Letcher King Isaacs
August & Anna Seelig

Page 2
Captain Matthew Moss
William Edward Murray
Event Organizer
Nashville Township
Dollie Hill Bird & Captain John Bird
I.O.O.F. Cemetery
R. L. Batte
Milam County Museum
Brown Cemetery (Hirt-Braun Cemetery)
Thomas Gay May
1935 Poll Tax Receipt
Lilac Cemetery
William B. & Ann C. Reese
St Michael's Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery (I.O.O.F.)

Page 3
Sand Point Cemetery
Hairston Family
Jesse & David Mumford
Solomon Francis Hughes
John G. Nettle
St. Edward's Hostpital - Rischar Memorial
Mary Francis White
Steven Slator
Robert Wooding Chappell
History of Cameron, TX
Aquaponic Training
Milam County Cemetery Records
Archibald H. Whatley
Hirt-Braun Cemetery (Brown Cemetery)
Kenwood Cane Mill
Milam County 1st Chief Justice - Matlock Grant
Paranormal Investigator & Communicator
Hugh Brevard King & William Alpheus King
W. Ed Murray
Guano Church

Page 4
Murf Henry Farris
Buckholts Methodist Episcopal Church
Bemjamin Franklin Bryant
Norman Valley Cemetery
Cornelius Kincheloe Stribling

Page 5
Milam County Courthouses
MCHC Meetings Schedule
Philipson Family - Rockdale Jewish Cemetery
R. H. & Martha Rabb - Liberty Hill Community
1st Presbyterian Church 100 Year Commemorative
Moss-Ragsdale Cemetery

Page 05a
Rockdale Jewish Cemetery - Philipson Family

Page 6
Pruett Family Reunion planned
John A. Bible
Taylor-Mumford Cemetery
Sallie Henderson Hammons
McReynolds Property on CR 251

Page 7
Oscar & Newton Nelson - Cameron, TX
Historic Jail Tour Hours
Horton burial in Old City Cemetery
Tomascik Cemetery
Sunshine Stribling - I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Old City Cemetery - Odom burial

Page 8
Davidson family
Elm Creek Battle - David Clark

Page 9
Rustic Cabin - historic? (Thrall Mercantile)
Malcolm Broxton
La Escuelita Grant

Page 10
Batte Town
William Young - Laughlin Cemetery
(question re William Young identity)

Page 11
Andrew Nance
MC Museum hours
Stigall Store
Bozeman Cemetery

Page 12
Moss Family
Contact for ValVerde Cemetery

Page 13
Henry T. Pruett (Pruitt)

Page 14
Milam County Civil War Participants
George Green/Magnolia House
Birth records - Isham Large
Contact for Gause Cemetery

Page 15
Unknown Church

Page 16
Edna Westbrook Trigg
326 N Central Ave, Cameron (Hubert house)

Page 17
Brisbin Death Certificate Sought

Page 18
Prospect Cemetery

Page 19
How to obtain Historical Marker

Page 20
Shelton Cemetery

Page 21
James F. Morton gravesite- Sand Grove Cemetery

Page 22
410 W. 4th Street, Cameron

Page 23
Intersection of CR 421 & CR 486

Page 24
Aaron & Emmeline Gibson

Page 25
Baggerly Family

Page 26
Sandy/Watson's Branch

Dana Andrews

Page 28
McIver Family - McIver/Young House (Dallie Rose)

Page 29
William & Julia Legler

Page 30
Burning of Milam County Courthouse

Page 31
Dr Daniel S Page & Sarah Jane Payne Page

Page 32
Santa Fe Freight Office

Page 33
El Camino Real

Page 34
Calendar of Milam County Events

Page 35
Milam Research

Page 36
Memorial to Johnny Horton

Page 37
Milam County Grays

Page 38
Spreading of Ashes over Gravesite

Page 39
Sheckels Bridge

Page 40
Walkers Creek Cemetery

Page 41
Paul C. Bartlett

Page 42
Restored school in Buckholts/Davilla/Friendship

Page 43
Burial site of Susan Catherine Beazley

Page 44
Photo sought: Arthur Morgan

Page 45
Francis Marion Cathey

Page 46
Seeking video of El Camino Real

Page 47
Camp Family

Page 48

PaGE 49
Springfield-Liberty Hill Cemetery

Page 50
Sugarloaf Mountain

Page 51
Milam County Rock Houses

Page 52
Info/Contact for Cemetery/headstone refurbishment

Page 53
Pilar Diaz - Yeager Farm Cemetery

Page 54
Comments re Dr Rischar

Page 55
J.J.McKinney/Alvarina Adams

Page 56
St Edwards Hospital birth records

Page 57
Hearne Hotel, Cameron, TX

Page 58
Foundation of House on CR 353

Page 59
Book Publishing offer

Page 60
Matthews: William, Sarah, John Wesley

Page 61
Hard copy M.C. Map sought

Page 62
Moore Family - Davilla Cemetery

Page 63
John J.McKinney & Alan Kirkland

Page 64
May family - String Prairie Cemetery

Page 65
Onie Lee Merchant Greene

Page 66
North Elm Cemetery - Fuller/McClendon

Page 67
Baggerly Family

Page 68
Willard Cooper/Dr. W. R. Newton

Page 69
Neomy Eubanks Maddux burial

Page 70
History of 205 Bowser sought

Page 71
Gifting opportunities for MC Museum

Page 72
Glenn Goetz - Sharp Cemetery

Page 73
Marshall's Saloon - Cameron

Page 74
How to contribute to MCHC

Page 75
Austin Paranormal Investigation offer


Please respond to these requests for info if you have any information they are seeking.
Please copy US ( with your response so the answer may be shown here.

I would also suggest that any requests for Genealogical info be also posted at
Page 76
Donation offer: Yoe Piano

Page 77
W. S. G. Wilson house - Salem

Page 78
Turnham-McCowan Cemetery

Page 79
Pleasant Hill

Page 80
Santa Fe Railroad

Page 81
Jesse Lee Willard

Page 82
Donation of Ft Nashville Bldg

Page 83
Charles Wilcox burial - Port Sullivan Cemetery

Page 84
House owned by M.C. School District

Page 85
Brazos River/Ft Graham Research

Page 86
Sugarloaf Mountain

Page 87
MC School lands - Granbury

Page 88
Curb/Griffin Family

Page 89
History Of M.C. - Leila Batte

Page 90
large white house in Cameron

Page 91
Johnny Horton

Page 92
Thomas Ivy Hill

Page 93
Seeking Bryant Station photos

Page 94
Sugarloaf Mountain

Page 95
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad

Page 96
B. Lowenstein & Bro. Rockdale, Texas

Page 97
Byrd Whittington relatives/Davilla Cemetery

Page 98
Morgan Jones obituary

Page 99
Graham Dickerson

Page 100
James L & Lucy Morgan

Page 101
Dominga Rodriguez

Page 102
Historical Markers Permission

Page 103
Historical Land Records

Page 104
Milam Family

Page 105
Rock HOuse

Page 106
Pearson Cemetery

Page 107
Sharp Lutheran Church records

Page 108
Old Milam County Abstracts

Page 109
San Xavier Mission

Page 110
Milam Cy Courthouse - 1920

Page 111
Memorial Day Flags

Page 112
Lilac Cemetery

Page 113
Sand Grove Cemetery burials

Page 114
Buckholts SPJST Hall

Page 115
Demolition of Rockdale School Buildings

Page 116
Paranormal Investigations

Page 117
Milam County Funeral Homes

Page 118
Henry E. Schrader 5th Texas Infantry

Page 119
Cedar Log Church - Sandy Creek

Page 120
Dallie Rose/Travis House Renovation

Page 121
Payne Burials in St Andres or Lebanon Cemetery

Page 122
Request for Meeting with Tonkawa Tribe re
Sugarloaf Mtn

Page 123
Charles L. Price burial

Page 124
Hickory Grove/Garza Cemetery

Page 125
Gabriel Pool

Page 126
James Ray Dodson

Page 127
Sugarloaf Mountain

Page 128
Davilla Black Cemetery

Page 129
James Williams

Page 130
Jeremiah A. Hood

Page 131
Sharp School, Gamble & Hammonds family

Page 132
Sand Grove Store

Page 133
Spanish Missions of Milam County
by Mary Belle Batte

Page 134
Sugarloaf Mountain

Page 135
Burnis Clifton Sides Family

Page 136
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Caretaker

Page 137
Lorene Wicker/Wenzel

Page 138
Milam County book

Page 139
William M. Curry

Page 140
Buckholts SPJST Hall

Page 141
MC Museum hours

Page 142
Walkers Creek Cemetery

Page 143
J. L. Lockett House

Page 144
RFI: Convict Farm

Page 145
RFI: Record Albums

Page 146
Yates Family

Page 147
Directions to Oxsheer- Smith Cemetery

Page 148
Cuthbert Sewell Slocomb

Page 149
Unimproved Road - Cameron

PaGE 150
Christine Isabel Lesovsky Lindsay

Page 151
Cemetery Plot

Page 152
Sarah Elizabeth Derr Bowling

Page 153
Frank and Frances Moraw

Page 154
Cell Tower info

Page 155
Convict Farm - John Smith

Page 156
Byrd Whittington - Davilla Cemetery

Page 157
Buckholts SPJST Hall Rental

Page 158
Port Sullivan Marker

Page 159
William Henry Henson

Page 160
San Xavier Mission

Page 161
Isaac Killough - Sandy Creek Cemetery

Page 162
Wallis House

Page 163
W. D. Stewart, Minerva Jane Lea,
Ethel Victoria Hands, R. B. Lamb

PAGE 164
Wallis House  (Dunk House)

Page 165
Temple V.A. Ladies Club seeking Speaker
Rancheria Grande

Page 166
Green Taylor - Probate Records

Page 167
Charles Herman Aigner

Page 168
Wayside Park, Cameron, TX

Page 169
San Xavier archaeological site

Page 170
Red building in Petibone

Page 171
Old Pioneer Cemetery

Page 172
Stall Family photos

Page 173
H. P. Hale

Page 174
Martin/Walker/Westbrook ancestry

Page 175
Griffin Chapel Cemetery

Page 176
Carl Black

Page 177
Little River Cemetery

Page 178