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Hi ---  I am trying to locate information about my great grandmother, Viola Griffin, who was born in Perry
County, Alabama in 1875, and who married Bruce Curb in Perry County, Alabama in 1896. We believe they must
have left soon after the wedding to travel west where they settled in Cameron, Milam County, Texas and had two
children in very quick succession, Vernon Bruce Curb and Ima Margie Curb.  Family tradition tells us that
Viola died and was buried in or near Cameron, Milam County, Texas sometime between the birth of Ima Margie in
December  1898 and the 1900 U.S. census enumerated in June 1900 back in Perry County, Alabama in which Bruce
is described as a widower.  Although I am especially hoping to find where my great grandmother is buried, any
information about Bruce, Vernon Bruce, Ima Margie, and Viola Griffin Curb during the few short years they
lived in Texas would be genuinely appreciated.  Many thanks, Sarah


Ms Hollingsworth,
I checked the reference books "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas"- by Norinne Holder Holman
but I find no "Curb" family burials in Milam County. I also looked for Griffin family. There are many Griffins
buried in Milam County but I do not find a Viola Griffin.  I did find one burial in the String Prairie
Methodist Cemetery for "Griffin' with no first name nor birth/death dates.  There is no marker but records
show a "Mrs Griffin" as buried there.  The grave location is unknown.

I have forwarded your enquiry to members of the Milam County Historical Commission and the Milam County
Genealogical Society and also to others interested in Milam County history.  Hopefully they will be able to
find more information for you.

Jerry Caywood
MCHC Web Administrator


Email forwarded to MCHC/MCGS members and other interested persons.



Hi --- I sent in a request yesterday (below) concerning the Bruce Curb family which moved to Cameron, Milam
County, Texas around 1896.  I was especially hoping to find the burial place of my great grandmother, Viola
Griffin Curb, who died there between 1898 and 1900. 

I neglected to mention in that original request that one family member has reported Viola had died of an
unknown cause and was buried in a place called Adhall, or Ad Hall, which was supposedly near their home in
Cameron.  Hopefully, this additional information will help to narrow the search.  Thanks again for your help
with this request. 




Mr. Caywood,

Oh, my goodness ... you folks are so fast!  I appreciate so much your checking the Holman reference book which
we have not been able to access. Even though you were unable to locate Viola's Griffin Curb's burial site with
certainty, we can at least eliminate the Holman text as one of our tasks to complete in the future.

Thank you, again.  We are deeply appreciative of your efforts.

Sarah Hollingsworth


Ms Hollingsworth,

I have attached the page from "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County , Texas" covering the Ad Hall

Unfortunately it does not show any Griffins or Curbs buried there.

If you have not already searched in the findagrave.com site, you may want to do so.  Here are some of the
results I found there:
Bruce Curb


There were no results for 'Viola Curb".

Search for Viola Griffin:


I did find a Vernon Bruce Curb who I believe is in your family: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?

You may be able to contact some of the contributors on FindAGrave who may have info for you.

Good Luck in your search.  We may still hear from some of the MCHC members.

Jerry Caywood
MCHC Web Administrator

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