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Matthew Stewart
Rockdale, TX 76567
Phone : 51two-four29-81eight2
Hi, My name is Matthew Stewart. I am doing some research for the Bullock State History Museum on civilians in
the Civil War. I was curious if the Milam County Historical Commission had access to any documents or
artifacts from that time of Milam County civilians.
Thanks for your time,


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Mr. Stewart,

Regarding your recent inquiry, the Milam County Historical Commission does not have its own museum like some
Texas County's (Fall's for example). Also we have no provision for a fire-proof vault or a reasonably
dehumidified environment for storage. That being said, when we receive items of a nature of which you speak,
they are loaned or donated to the Milam County Historical Museum in Cameron. They have the above storage
environment of which we lack.

Since I notice that you live in Rockdale, I would recommend that you visit the Museum that's on the Courthouse
square located at 112 W. 1st Street. Mr. Charles King is the Director, and with 25 years experience at that
location, he is very knowledgeable of the period and items of which you inquire. The M/C Museum is open
Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to noon and 1pm to 5pm. The Museum is closed Sunday and Monday. I would
recommend calling before visiting since he often has maintenance and administrative duties which encompass 3
buildings. Therefore he might be away from the museum for a short time, should you visit. The Tel. # is (254)
697-8963.  If you are also interested in library reference material, both the Lucy Hill Patterson Library in
Rockdale and the Cameron Public Library have a considerable number of books listing Milam County veterans
during that period in their Genealogy/ reference section.  One of my favorite small but concise references is
Milam County, Texas in the Civil War. Author James E Williams, who I believe still resides in Milano. I wish
you good success in your research and quest for artifacts.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks   


Anthony W. Jennings
1408 Belaire Dr
McKinney, Tx 75069

Hello! My name is Anthony. My gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather was George Green who built the house known as
Magnolia house in Cameron, Milam Co, Texas. We have genealogy papers to prove it! To be honest, me and
mother were planning on moving to Cameron to research our family lineage, and quite literally stumbled upon
this! Please contact Laura Bartlett at 4six9-66seven-8three60 for more information. Perhaps we could talk?
Don't need another McDonalds, keep Texas/US history alive and treasured. Talk to y'all soon! :)
Anthony & Laura. ty.

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Jesse and Janice Stracener
4944 Milam County Road 364, Milano, TX 76556
We are wanting to know who to contact regarding the purchase of plots in the Gause City Cemetery.  Do
you know who we should call?

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Mr. and Mrs. Stracener,
There is a sign just inside the west entry gate to the Gause City Cemetery. I do recall seeing at least two
individuals names and telephone numbers that are on the sign in public view. I'm sure that both of these
ladies would be happy to assist you.
Ms. Darlene Anglen, tel. # (979) 279-6224 and Ms. Mary Neely, tel. # (979) 279-5879.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks


Linda Coker
1105 San Marcos Pkwy,
San Marcos, TX 78666
Hi! Can you tell me how far back birth records go for Milam County? I am looking for Isham Large born
1834-1835 in Liberty Hill, which was in Milam County at the time. Parents were Abraham and Sarah Drucilla
Large. Is there any chance records go that far back?
I am with the Hays County Historical Commission so I know that I lot of information from back then is hit and
Thanks for any info you can come up with!


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Ms. Coker, There was a considerable amount of contradictory information while researching Isham S. Large. I
assume that you have found the same as well, and which triggered your inquiry.

He has been reported to have been born in Arkansas State and Coryell, Williamson/Milam County, Texas in
various internet searches. 

Father: Abraham Large            (1807-1880)
Mother: Drucilla Latham Large    (1817-1880)
Spouse:  Martha Walters Large    (1843-1887
Georgia Large                    (1864-unk)                
Missouri A. Large                (1866-1953)                
Charles Napoleon Large           (1868-unk)                
N. B. Large                      (1870-unk)                
Martin Luther Large              (1873- unk)

Birth: Isham S. Large born 1835 in Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas, USA                         

--1850: age 15 Us Federal Census - Sabine, Sabine, Texas
--1860: age 25 US federal Census - Cow House, Coryell, Texas, United States
--1864: Jan. 13, Coryell, Texas - Marriage to Martha Walters.
His death has been reported to have been in Coryell County in 1875, another site shows 1889 and lastly 1876-

Your information regarding Isham's mother is probably more accurate than the multiple locations that I found
stating that his mother was Druscilla Latham. Drucilla's mother was shown as Sarah Latham (1799-1874) 

I was unable to reference the source documentation for Isham's 1835 Liberty Hill birth, although I did find an
"Ancestry" link stating "Isham S. Large - birth 1835 in Liberty Hill, Williamson, Texas, USA".  Milam County's
current Liberty Hill Community is located 10 miles WNW of Rockdale, Texas (located south of FM 908 on CR 432).
It was an African-American community. The Liberty Hill/Springfield Cemetery's (African/American) earliest
interment is shown as 1881. (Ref. 1). It considerably postdates Isham's 1835 birth.

Without further research, it probably followed Rockdale, Texas's incorporation in 1874.

Nearby San Andres/Lebanon Cemetery's (Anglo) earliest reported birth is 1859 (Error, see P.R. Fleming 1852).
(Ref. 2)

It was later determined that Isham was Caucasian by the 1860 United States Federal Census. He was 25 at the
time and a Texas Ranger. (See attachment #1)

Following your sentence" Isham Large, born 1834-1835 in Liberty Hill, which was in Milam County at the time,
led me to the "culling out" of Williamson County from Milam County in 1847. (Ref. 3)

A website search determined  that a Liberty Hill, Williamson County [1840] (Ref. 4) (once Milam County)
predated current Liberty Hill in Milam County. (Ref. 5 and 6)

Since I was having poor success sourcing the information that you requested, I've learned that sometimes
researching forward will present a link to the past. That's when I discovered Isham's CSA Muster Roll.
(Attachment #2)  Then I discovered a "diamond in the rough": Attachment #3.

I must admit that these are the "Holy Grail" type of things that I relish finding while researching similar

Camp Colorado (no trace) was probably near the site of what is now Ebony, Texas in Mills County.
Camp Collier (no trace) was located 13 miles southwest of Brownwood in Brown County. They were approximately 
33 miles apart.

Further research at the Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale, Texas, proved fruitless. I wish that I would
have been able to contribute more to your inquiry.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about this gentleman and his contributions to early Texas

Respectfully, Jack Brooks

Ref. 1. 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas . Vol. # 1, pg. 501, Norinne Holman, 2001

Ref. 2. 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas.- Vol. # 2, pg. 1038-1039 

Ref. 3. Milam County Courthouse and it's People, One Hundred Years of History - pg. 6 & 7, Milam County
        Historical Commission, Mary Ann Eanes, 2002

Ref. 4.  http://www.williamson-county-historical- 

Ref. 5.

Ref. 6.

Attachment # 4. See reference #3

Attachment # 5. Land of Good Water, Takachue Pouetsu, A Williamson County, Texas, History - Clara Stearns
Scarbrough, Map Inside front cover.

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