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Requests for Info
Received via Website


Tim Dorman
via phone

I rec'd a phone call seeking information on Sugarloaf Mountain. He wants to camp there (says he has done it
in the past) and wanted to know:

Can you get to the top?

Can you reserve camping spots?

Do you need to contact anyone before hiking/camping on Sugarloaf?
(he didn't ask this, but can you camp there?)

His name is Tim Dorman
email: timd77(AT)bellsouth(DOT)net

If you have any information, please contact him and copy me on the email.

Thank you
Jerry Caywood



emailed to members and other knowledgeable persons



The bridge area is owned by the county.

Sugar Loaf Mountain is private property.

Owner on tax rolls is:
Leon & Sharon Herzog
6923 Napier Ln
Houston TX 77069

Holly Jentsch



sugarloaf mountain is private property and is not open to the public. You can get as close as the bridge. Have
not heard anything to the contrary.

Charles King



Mr. Dorman, I sure hate to rain on your parade, but unfortunately the 475 acres surrounding and including
Sugarloaf Mountain are private property. Changing times, ownership and obvious liability issues with the
potentially dangerous terrain, deem that the property now be posted.

I find no locally published contact information for the owners, Leon and Sharon Herzog.

It seems that Sugarloaf was a right of passage for many of the baby boomers that I've spoken with regarding
the mountain.

I conversed with a gentleman recently who stated that very discourteous visitors to the property cut fences
and also littered the grounds with beer bottles, cans and the like. All the more reason to discourage
trespassers. Often we're our own worst enemy.

I'm glad to hear that you had the experience of previously visiting Sugarloaf and taking in the magnificent
view. I also hope that you left some of that purported buried gold behind after you last visited!. Hmmm, maybe
that's why you want to go back again, to get the rest.

Jack Brooks


Mr. Brooks, Great to hear from you! I've never actually camped there before, but was inquiring about whether
or not the area was reservable to camp on. Thank you so much for answering my question!

Timothy Dorman



David Galbreath

According to Joy Graham, Sugarloaf in privately owned and Posted. You climb it at your own risk. This is in
part to protect the Owner from Liability If you Fall off, etc. They live in Thornton, TX I think. I know when
the Culpepper Family owned it You could go up there as you felt the need. Some camped and had Beer Bashes, but
I never heard of Reservations of Camp Sites.    
Check with the County or the Sheriffs Office.     
I will still take my Chances.

David Galbreath


I happened to find an interesting article about Sugarloaf Mountain while researching an unrelated inquiry.

The reference is "Gause, Texas, a Legacy in Pieces" by Edrie Wilson Browder. We, the Milam County Historical
Commission, thank Ms. Browder for this excellent reference book of the Gause community and its people.

Since you had relayed an earlier interest in the mountain, I thought that you might enjoy this.

Jack Brooks