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Anna Corley Nason
I am looking for more information on the Davidson family. My line looks like the following, I think:
Raleigh Cecil Davidson (great grandfather): 1909 - 1988
William Davidson (great great grandfather): 1850-1931
Stephen Davidson: 1814-1879 (born in AL but died in Milam County and married to Jane Ditto)
William Davidson: 1790-1840 (born in either NC or Morgan County, AL and died in Marshall County,AL)
I am not sure if you need more information or if this is sufficient to find out more about the family. I am
also very eager to know if this line of Davidson's has Jewish roots.
I appreciate your help! Thank you again!
Anna, Here are some good links to post any questions you have concerning your genealogy research:
If you'll send me your questions, I'll post it on the site and hopefully it will generate some answers.
Also post on
There is also a ton of information on https://www.findagrave.com and http://billiongraves.com
Good luck on your research. Jerry Caywood
(Email forwarded to MCHC members and to Lisa Davidson Gerthe)
Hi Jerry, Thank you so much! These links are really great, and I cannot wait to explore them further. From the
research that I've done, it seems that my line of Davidsons moved to Milam County from Alabama (Marshall and
Morgan Counties).
Lisa Gerthe
Jerry, yes a few of those names popped out, especially Jane Ditto. I know very little about my family tree, but
I'll pass your links along to a relative who does extensive research on our family tree.
I just happened to notice this in the Rockdale, TX Reporter weekly newspaper: Davidson Reunion - Aug. 16, 2014
Descendants of W. J. “Bill” and Bertha Davidson will hold a reunion at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014 in
the fellowship hall of Friendship Baptist Church, located on Hwy 36 between Milano and Caldwell.
Please bring food for a covered dish lunch at noon. All family and friends are welcome to attend. FMI: Carrol
Davidson, 512-455-3498, or Linda Jenkins, 512-446-5764.
I don't know that this is related to your family or not, but it might be a good source of info.
Jerry Caywood
HI Jerry! Thank you so much! This looks great! I really appreciate all of your help! Thanks again! Anna

Caren Eames
603 Linda Dr, Joshua, Texas 76058
Comments : Hello, I'm trying to find information on THE Earth's Elm creek battle in Milam, Texas and is there
no  monuments or grave sites that is known of? My 4th great grandfather was David Clark which was killed Jan 7,
1837 in this battle .  Any information would be appreciated. Thank you
Caren Dee Eames
REPLY: Caren, I did find a bit of information on the Elm Creek Battle.  It's not much, but you might check out:

(search for Elm Creek using the 'find' in your browser.  This mentions a Mr Clark.





I will also forward your email to all members of the Milam County Historical Commission and will place your
enquiry on the website. Hopefully someone will have more info for you. Good Luck in your research.
Jerry Caywood
(emailed to all MCHC members)
Thank you for your time.  Many Thanks. Caren Dee Eames
Ms. Eames, Mr. Caywood's excellent reply to your inquiry presently leaves me with very little to additionally
contribute. My favorite resource's for this era inquiry are "Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony  in Texas"
Volumes 1- 18 and "Indian Depredations in Texas" by J. W. Wilbarger. You will note that the above attachments
are from Volume  VIII pp. 143- 144. You'll further note that the article reference #3 refers to "Indian
Depredations" pp. 248 - 255 as the reference resource. According to the 18 volume "Robertson's Colony" index,
Volume # 15 is from July 23, 1836 through August 9,1837. It is called "The Gentleman from Milam County". My
local Taylor, Texas Library only has Volume 1 through 10 and does not have "Indian Depredations". If you have
the time, possibly the above references could be attained in a larger metropolitan library. I will check on my
end, but believe that nearby Rockdale, Texas, Lucy Hill Patterson Library has Volume 15. "Depredations" is up
for grabs, though. I'll advise.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks
From: Caren Eames
To: Jack Brooks - bjohnr2010(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
Wow, Many thanks for your help and information. I've been researching David's wife Barsheba and son James, Now
turning my attention to David. A distant cousin Carol Greene and I are on the hunt. So again thank you for your
response. By the way I see your last name is Brooks my 2nd great grandmother was Lucinda Catherine Brooks
Wright born May 1832 Tennessee died 1921 Abilene, Jones, Texas, she married James W. Wright Oct. 24, 1848 are
you any relations to her? Caren
Ms. Eames. My ancestors on the Brooks side came from England and settled in upstate New York and Canada
(Quebec) and were furriers. My father always said that we were somehow distantly related to the Brooks Brothers
Clothiers. It definitely must be distant because I have yet to inherit any of their wealth.
Back to your "clan", you'll see what I was able to turn up in Volume XV of "Robertson's Colony". The Lucy Hill
Patterson Library in Rockdale, Texas came through for you. Attachment # 6, last paragraph, tells the story and
why there are different versions of it. The History of Bell County, by Bolton, 1936 is almost verbatim with the
exception of amplifying lead in and conclusion. I will send that to you in a PP. It appears to me that David
Clark and Frank Childers were ingloriously buried, quite some time after the initial conflict, in an impromptu
manner. It is further apparent that the exact location is probably forever lost to history. I see no record of
a historical marker recognizing the Elm Creek battle on the Milam County Historical Commission web site. There
is a Texas Historical Commission, Historic Texas Cemetery  marker for the North Elm Creek cemetery. It is not
applicable to your inquiry though. I have been wanting my own copy of "Indian Depredations" so I ordered it
from Amazon this morning. If it should have any additional information regarding your inquiry, I'll forward
that to you after I receive it.Thank you for your interesting and educational inquiry. Good luck with your
future genealogical research.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks

Pages Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas:

Robertson Colony - Muster Roll

Robertson Colony - Page 450

Robertson Colony - Page 451

Robertson Colony - Page 452

Robertson Colony - Page 453

Robertson Colony - Page 454

NOTE: The above links are .Pdf (adobe) files.  They should open a .Pdf file on your screen.  However, I notice
that I am unable to open them using Internet Explorer v.10.  The pages do open in Firefox and Chrome. I do not
use Internet Explorer often so this might be some setting on my PC preventing me from opening the ,pdf files. 
These files are safe to download.  Jerry Caywood - Website Administrator
Ms. Eames,
I recently came across the attached article in Tales From the Museum.
It is a locally printed three book set which is a compilation of historical stories written for the local Milam
County newspapers. They stories are filed in the Milam County Historical Museum. They were written by the
Museum Director, Charles King. He has been kind enough to allow me to share it with you and the Milam County
Historical Commission. It gives a slightly different perspective to other events happening during and around
the above event.
Regards, Jack Brooks

Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
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Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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