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Requests for Info
Received via Website

Kendra Edwards
P.O. Box 488
Devers, Texas 77538

I was at a workshop at the Caddo Mounds Museum this summer and Mr. Jeff Williams presented a video on the El
Camino Real de las Tejas.  He mentioned that we would possibly be able to obtain a copy of the video for our

Please contact me with the information needed to get this video shipped to us. Thanks in advance.


I replied that I did not know where to obtain this video but perhaps some of our members may know. Message
forwarded to MCHC members and other interested parties.


Thanks for the attention you are giving this!  The video was great and I feel it would be such an asset to my
Kendra Edwards


Ms. Edwards, Since Caddo-Mounds State Historic Site is a THC property, and you mentioned that the above was
available to schools, I believe that it may be part of a Traveling Trunk Program or a loaned Audio Visual
program.  The below website is Caddo-Mounds since they may be able to provide their reference source and
specifics. I have a message waiting on their vms regarding your inquiry ((512) 463-6090   08/15/2015 @ 11:50
Also see last reference on this email.

The below website does not list your particular audio-visual referenced but does have many additional
interesting programs available.

I am not knowledgeable of the Institute of Texas Cultures, but the below contact information might be worth
researching for educational purposes.  

Trunks and Exhibits
Institute of Texan Cultures.

To order traveling trunks or exhibits contact the Institute at 801 S.Bowie St., San Antonio,TX 78205 or call
(800) 776-7651; fax (210) 458-2205. 

This last THC source may possibly be your Holy Grail . If you'll note, it's the same Tel. # as the above Caddo-
Mound but was referenced from another web address and it specifically addresses audio-visuals.

Texas Historical Commission, P.O. Box 12276, Austin, TX 78711-2276. (512) 463-6090.

Audiovisuals covering a wide range of preservation and heritage topics are available on loan from the

Borrower pays postage. Reserve early as quantities are limited.


If my telephone call is returned and I'm able to find out the specific information that you requested, I'll


Jack Brooks



Ms. Edwards, 

A representative of the THC returned my call yesterday. It was suggested that I contact the National Park
Service since the ECRT is a National Historic Trail.

I discovered the following site;

I ordered the complimentary 15 minute dvd of the above trail that was referenced on their site. It is to be
shipped to the contact address that you provided when you originated your inquiry.

I hope that it is the same video that you previously viewed. Should you not receive it in a reasonably timely
manner, I would suggest that you revisit the above web site.

Jack Brooks


Kendra Edwards

Many thanks!!!  I truly appreciate your diligence in getting this video to my classroom.