received 2013-03-04
Hello, I stumbled across this site after searching for information regarding the Moss family on I would love to hear back from you regarding any information you might have or want regarding the Moss's.
"Captain" Matthew Moss (born 1776 in Virginia) is my 4x Great Grandfather. I have additional information regarding the Moss family that settled in Southern California (including photos of burial sites at Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, CA).

This is how I fall out of the family tree:
Keith Alan Taylor - Father
James Lynn Moss* - Grandfather
Dewey Lynn Moss - Great Grandfather
William Moss Jr. - Great-Great Grandfather
William Overton Moss - 3x Great Grandfather

Looking forward to one day paying my respects at this Moss Cemetery.

Thank you for honoring my family by restoring this site.

P.S. My grandfather (James) took the last name of his step-father (Ogilby) when his mother divorced Dewey. My grandfather had three sons: Gary, Keith and James. My grandfather died when his sons were still young children. My dad took his step-dad's last name (Taylor) when my grandmother re-married.

Ryan J. Taylor
Fullerton CA 92832
Phone : (562)3nine-seven-4639

Wilda Pullin
Navasota, Texas  77868
I am looking for the burial place of my Grandfather (
William Edward Murray) I found his death certificate and it states he was an inmate of County Poor Farm (I cant find info on the farm either). Death cert states he died at the Cameron Hospital Sept 9, 1939 from stab wounds. Where it states where he works it says Inmate of County Poor Farm. It also says the undertaker and funeral home was Green & Boedeker, buried in Cameron. I called the Green funeral home and the gentleman said Boedeker was a furniture store. In further searching I found a copy of a note from the Dept of Commerce Bureau of Census, Washington. It stated that they didn't have enough info to complete the death cert for him. The Green funeral home wrote on it "This man was an inmate of County Home. Pauper, no one know". So I'm assuming he was buried in a pauper's grave but I am having trouble finding cemeteries in the Cameron area that buried paupers. That is why I am writing you to see if you would know or know anyone that I might be able to contact that might know where they buried paupers from the Cameron hospital in 1939. Thank you for your time. Wilda

(I forwarded a copy to all MCHC members and responded with no results in 170 Years of Milam Cy Cemeteries - JC)

Robert Hutchison
Phone : 5one2-902-02four-two
Hello, I'm a
Event Organizer looking to help out during festivals. I have an experienced Event Staff and professional references. We specialize in cleaning and security. We put up and take down tents. No job too big or small, please call Robert at 512 902 0242.
(email rec'd via website - This is neither an endorsement nor recommendation of this company.  Posted for your info only)

Rose Huckaby
Bacliff, TX
I am trying to find where my gg grandparent's land was located in the 1860's.  Are there any maps of land ownership around the
Nashville Township for that time period?
(I forwarded a copy to all MCHC members - If you have info, please respond to Ms Huckaby)

Donna Hammond Lane
Email : stormy_skies100@yahoo(DOT)com
Austin, Texas 78748

There will be a Daughters of the Republic of Texas Medallion Ceremony for
Dollie Bird Hill, who is being posthumously honored as a Real Daughter of the State of Texas, on May 4th, at the Masonic Cemetery in Caldwell, Texas, at 2pm. Dollie Hill Bird was a long-time resident of Rockdale, Texas, as was her daughter, Blanche Hill, and also her granddaughter Dorothy Pruett Hammond.

Dollie was the granddaughter of
Captain John Bird, who was killed at the battle of Birds Creek near Temple, Texas. She became a member of the Ben Milam Chapter of the DRT in 1936. She is my great Grandmother.

These ceremonies are a rare occurrence, and we would love to have a representative of the Milam County Historical Commission attend.

If you would like more information, please feel free to call me at 512-five68-107zero.  

Thank you, Donna Hammond Lane

UPDATE: So sorry, forgot to mention that Blanche Hill, my maternal grandmother, was actually Blanche Hill Pruett. She married Horace Ira Pruett in 1917. They had two children that grew up in Rockdale. The eldest was Guy Pruett who married Wanda Fowler. Dorothy Pruett Hammond was originally Dorothy Dale Pruett. She was Miss Rockdale 1938. She married Darby Hammond of Burnet. Thank you, Donna
(forwarded to MCHC members - If anyone is interested in attending, pls contact Ms Lane directly and
cc me.)
(reply from Dr Lucile Estell: I read with interest of the DRT ceremony scheduled in Caldwell on May 4.  I regret that I will be unable to attend.  I remember Dorothy Pruett Hammond well.  We visited many times.  She was such a nice person.  I am a member both of the DAR and of the Milam County Historical Commission.  It would be a nice experience!)

Waco, TX 76706
Could you please tell me if there is any setting fees or requirements for
IOOF Cemetery in Rockdale. Thanks.
(I sent email: Please contact the City of Rockdale at 512-446-2511.  IOOF Cemetery is owned/controlled by the City of Rockdale).

Melanie Coody
1093 CR 2280
Grapeland,  TX 75844
I have an old photograph of a 2 story white home and I think it might be the home of
R L Batte.  I have not had any luck finding a picture of it online. Do you have any photographs of the home when it was occupied? Or could someone identify it if I sent it to you?  My grandfather, John D. Bryabn was raised there.
I also have a portrait of Lelia Batte and her daughters Mary Belle and Lelia from approx 1915. Would the museum be interested in this photo? Thank you, Melanie Coody
(photos are posted.  Email sent to MCHC members asking for replies.
Response from Charles King forwarded: 'The museum has quite a lot of Batte family artifacts, there is a photo of
the early Batte home, He took in many kids and raised them. We do have a display case devoted to the Batte family.)


Karen Adams
Email : kadams15200199@yahoo(DOT)com
Liberty Hill, Tx 78642
What is the cost of visiting the
museum? I could not find that on the website. Thank You.
(thanks to Geri Burnett for this info: There is no charge to visit the MC Museum.  There is a jar for donations but that is strictly voluntary.)(also recd response from Charles King: There is no charge to visit any of the county museums. We do accept donations. The new museum e-mail is
Thank You so much! Looking forward to seeing it. Karen Adams

RE: Brown Cemetery
Charlotte Wilhelm
Manor, Texas 78653
This cemetery [aka the
Joe Brown Cemetery, or Brown Cemetery] is located in the southwest quadrant of Milam Co. To get to this inactive cemetery from Rockdale, take US Hwy 79 west towards Thorndale about 5.5-miles to CR 306 L and turn right. Go about 2-miles, passing the sign for Hickory Grove and Garza and about one-quarter mile a home and building will come into view. There is a gate just prior to those buildings, turn right and drive to cemetery.
Here is another website with pics and information.
My ggg-grandfather (Franz Joseph von Roth & my gg-grandparents (Joseph and Bertha Hirt) are buried in this cemetery, along with other relatives.
I found these directions on (
(reply:I added a page for Brown Cemetery to the site; also sent email thanking Ms Wilhelm for the info.)

Celeste Banda
Cameron, TX  76520
Comments : Where can I find a copy of
"And Then Came The People: The Story of Czech and German Immigration to Milam County" by Dr. Estell? Is it available for purchase anywhere?
(reply: Celeste,  I'm not sure where you can order Dr Estell's book, but her email address is and her phone number is 512-44three-537two.)
Thank you for the information! Celeste Banda

Melanie Coody
Grapeland, TX 75844
903 373 515nine
I am trying to find more information about
Judith Antoinette Bryan who was in Milam county in 1900.  I believe she died approx 1905. Do the cemeteries in Milam county keep a record of those buried there? I suspect her grave is unmarked.
I also am looking for William Abner (Walter) Bryan who died approx 1899 in Milam county. His grave will be unmarked as well.  Thank you for any information or help you can provide.
(reply: I did check the (170 Years of Cemetery Records) index for Bryan and found several Bryans listed.  The only one that might match your search would be William Bryan (son of D.E. and M.E.) who died in 1882.  He is buried in the Little River Baptist Church Cemetery. 
There is also an Ernest Delmar Bryan (son of D.E. and M.E. - born in Ala.) b. 1876 - d. 1890.
I will post your request on the website and perhaps someone will have hints or information for you.)
Good luck in your research.)
-see photo of 1910 M.C.C.S. School furnished by Ms Coody-

Judy MAY Kayse
6345 Bandera Ave. Apt A
Dallas, TX  75225
Thomas Gay May, a medical doctor by degree from Atlanta Medical College, served in Company H 4th Texas Hoods Brigade. In the 1870 census I have found him listed as George G Maze with a wife Georia and a child in Port Sullivan. By 1875 Dr. May is in Brenham as single. Do you have an idea as to where to look for Georgiana and Velps (Phelps) the child. Georgiana's sister Suda married Dr. May's brother and after his death married her step brother Joe Hargrove.
Are there cemetery records, death index, local histories that I may research?  Thank you for your help.
Judy Kayse
(I checked Cemetery records in "170 Years of Cemetery Records but no success and advised Ms Kayse of this.  If anyone has any info please contact her and copy me. Thanks)

Darcy Bullock
711 3rd ave, 8th floor
New York, NY  10031
To Whom It May Concern:
I'm writing because I'm preparing an academic book entitled
Campaigns and Elections, 2nd edition By Stephen Medvic which will be published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis in December 2013. It will be published in paperback and is expected to cost $54.95. The print run will be around 2,000 copies. The material will also be produced in eBook format as a verbatim digital copy of the printed work (i.e. it will be used in exactly the same context as the printed version, and without alteration). In eBook format the cost will be the same price as the paperback.
I would like your permission to include the following material: The image of the
poll tax receipt featured here:
If you control the rights to this material, I would be very grateful if you could grant permission for its use as soon as possible, stating any credit lines or fees that you require. If you do not control these rights, please let me know to whom I should apply. If you do grant permission, I would need you to email me a high-resolution image file of the poll tax receipt.
We are seeking non-exclusive world English language rights and will reproduce the material as part of the complete text in print and electronic formats for this edition of the book.
Darcy Bullock
Editorial Assistant, Political Science
Routledge / Taylor and Francis Group
711 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017
9one7 3five-one 7one-five8
two-one-2 six-four3-143zero
(reply: Ms Bullock, I do own the rights to this image.  A. L. Caywood was my Grandfather and it along with many other similar items were left to me via inheritance. I do grant you permission to use this image for both the printed book and the eBook.  I want no fee for its usage, but I would like to have credit for the image which would simply be wording similar to 'image provided by Jerry Caywood'.  If you need any additional info please advise.
reply: Dear Jerry, Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for granting permission! We will be happy to credit the image with the wording you suggest.  All best, Darcy

2013-05-21 - Charcelia
I have family that lives in Milam County along with family that have been buried in the
Lilac Cemetery
Could you please advise who upkeeps this cemetery and an address for donations?  Thank you.
(reply: I do not have this information but will post the email on the website.)
If any members have the answers please contact Charcelia directly and copy me with the info.  Thanks)
(replies rec'd from Joy Graham, Owen Rachel Graves, Anabelle Heine, & Dr. Lucile Estell:  Owen Rachel Graves is the Secretary/Treasurer of Lilac Cemetery Ass'n. - Thanks!) Reply with info sent to Charceliacey)

H. Lee Reese III
P.O. Box 708
Evadale, TX 77615
I am looking for My GGGgrandfather
William B. Reese and his wife Ann C Reese. They are supposed to be at Peaceful rest cemetery but I cannot locate a headstone for them. Most of their children are buried at the Gause city cemetery.
William B. Reese 1849-1917
Ann C. Reese (Fausett) 1850-1910
some of their children are;
William Thomas Reese (Billy) 1867-1901
Jackson Lee Reese 1871-1951
Mary Unetta Roper (Nettie) 1875-1962
Lottie Ann Parks 1877-1964
Any assistance would be appreciated.
(reply: found no record of William B Reese nor Ann C. Reese in "170 years of Cemetery Records...".  I suggested that he should also post on Rootsweb board at

Dana Dillon
Providence, RI 02908
Hi. I was at the
St. Michael's cemetery in Burlington recently and took several photos (mostly of my ancestors' graves, but also of the historical marker there). If you let me know how to send them, I'll be happy to do so.
(reply: I would love to have your photos to put on the website.  Even the ones of your ancestor's graves.  The more information we have, the better the website. You can email them to me at  I'll give all credit for them to you.) 

Vickie Hagedorn
Taylor, Tx
Phone : 512 6three9-7one44
Is there a listing for the burial plots by name for interments in the the
Odd Fellows Cemetery (I.O.O.F.) in Rockdale?  I would like to take some volunteer photos for Find a Grave and a list of sites would greatly simplify this endeavor.  Is there one online? Thank you so much for your time.
(reply: There is a listing by name of grave sites in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Rockdale - however it does not give the location of each grave.  The list is not online, but is in the two volume set of '170 years of Cemetery Records in Milam County' which is available for sale. Thus I am unable to publish the list.
If you want to confirm any burials, please send me the names and I'll be glad to look them up for you.)

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