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Hello I'm doing some genealogical research and looking for information on "Marshall's Saloon."

It was a famous bar in Cameron, Texas.  Rumour had it that Ben Milam's statue pointed in the direction of
that pub, which was a local joke since he is supposed to be pointing into the direction of the Alamo.

Do you have any information on this pub?

The owner was my second great uncle:

Marshall Monroe Chambers
BIRTH 28 DECEMBER 1874 ? Madison County, Texas, USA
DEATH 16 JUNE 1949 ? Cameron, Milam County, Texas, USA

Thanks in advance!
David Mullinax


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Newspaper articles courtesy of Holly Jentsch - candhjentsch(AT)farm-market(DOT)net


Thank you for this information!  Trying to track down his descendents.  You have a copy of that newspaper at
the museum?
David Mullinax
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