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Jerry Bedichek
335 Candlewood Drive
Martinez, Ga 30907

I am looking for my great grandmother's burial site. Her maiden name was Susan Catherine Beazley, she married and divorced Frederick Augustus Bedichek. Anyone have knowledge of where my great grandmother is buried would be wonderful. Thanks

: I am looking for a burial site for my great grandmother, Susan C Bedichek, maiden name Beazley of Milam Co. at one time.)


Email forwarded to MCHC members.  I checked 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas and found no Beazley nor Bedichek found.  I did find Beasley but not to match Susan nor Frederick.


Info forwarded to Mr Bedichek: (the last name is pronounced almost the same but spelled differently)

"I have worked on this one before . . . Don't remember why . . . This is her in 1880 - at that time I found nothing on her after that date.

Name: S. C. Bettercheck
Age: 28
Birth Year: abt 1852
Birthplace: Missouri
Home in 1880: Precinct 1, Hunt, Texas
Race: White
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Divorced
Father's Birthplace: Missouri"

Would suggest searching in Hunt County, TX.


"I assume they are looking for her in Milam County because her ex-husband is buried there , Mayhaps they have not found her in 1880 with that spelling of her name. but her parents are buried in Hunt County."

Thanks to Vickie Everhart - vickie(DOT)everhart(AT)gmail(DOT)com


Information sent to Mr Bedichek - 2015-08-03 - JAC


Jerry Bedichek
335 Candlewood Drive
Martinez, Ga 30907

Trying for the last 48 years to find my great grandmothers burial site. Susan Catherine Beezeley/Beazley Bedichek died before 1899, I think 1898. Any Beezley's or Beazleys' know of her? Thanks


I replied to Mr Bedichek that I have forwarded his request again to members.
Jerry Caywood



Mr. Bedichek,

Our Reference Milam County cemetery books, 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas, by Norinne Holman list only the following and their derivations; 

Bedichek: No listing in any of the 235 cemeteries

Beezeley: No listing in any of the 235 cemeteries

Beazley:  No listing in any of the 235 cemeteries

Bedichek: No listing in any of the 235 cemeteries


Beezley, W.T.H. - CSA, Texas - 1822-1898 - Old City Cemetery, Rockdale

Beesley, James, Alex - Born in Georgia - 1879-1952  

Beasley, Jessie - (Sessions) - w/o  T. J.  - 1889-1983

Thomas, J. - 1993-1936 

Beasley, Louise Julia - ? wife of Wesley E. - 1894-1971 - Oak Lawn Cemetery

Beasley, Morris J. - 1919-1945

Beasley, Wesley  E. -  h/o of Louise J. - 1893-1938 

Beasley, Clay Taylor - h/o La Juana - WWII - 1926-1991 - Davilla Cemetery

Beasley, LaJuana  Jo - w/o Clay Taylor - 1938-2000

Beasley, J. W.- broken stone - 1853-1921 - Thorndale City Cemetery

Beasley, Sallie - Miss, broken stone - 1885-1924

Beasley,  ? - Death Records - Died - 1911 - Unknown Cemetery

Beasley, J.W. - Thorndale Area - 69 y.o. - Died-1921

Beasley, Bethel,  L. - 1892-1919 - Lawrence Chapel Cemetery

Beasley, Genevieve, R. - 1917-1918

Beasley, J. - Death Records, 70 y/o - African American Cemetery - Died: 1927 - Liberty Hill - Springfield Cemetery 

Beasley, George E. - h/o Ruby M. - 1919-1971 - Oak lawn Cemetery

Beasley, Jerry Wayne - 1947-1991 

Beasley, Ruby M. - w/o George M. - 1918

Reference, A history of Milam County, Texas, Matchless Milam, by the Milam County Heritage Preservation Society lists a Bessie Bell Beasley on pg. 151 with no other derivations.

The local Milam County Red Tel Book lists only a Donna and James Beasley with no other derivations. 

I'm sorry that I'm unable to answer your inquiry, but possibly in some around about way the above interred may tie into your study. We thank Ms. Holman for the use of her excellent reference books.


Jack Brooks

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