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Ancestor William Matthews, wife Sarah lived in Mayesville area from c.1861 to their deaths prior to 1880 census. Son John Wesley Matthews married and lived there (Branchville is also mentioned)and is on the 1880 census, until moving on west. Daughter Sarah J. also married and moved away after her parents died. We have been unable to find any grave markers for them. 1.Are there deed records available back that far that would more closely show where they lived? There are small cemeteries all over the Maysfield area, with (I'm sure) many unmarked graves.  2.  Any thoughts on where we might find info on this family?  Thanks
Bettie Sarver


Ms Sarver,  Thank you for contacting the Milam County Historical Commission.

I have looked in the 2-volume set of books titled "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas" by Norinne Holder Holman.  I have listed below the closest I find but I don't believe these are your ancestors: 

Valverde Cemetery:
W. B. Matthews - 1858-1922 h/o Bettie
Bettie Matthews - 1865-1945

North Elm Cemetery:
William D. Matthews - 1861-1946 h/o Josephine
Josephine Matthews -1870-1929

And I noticed that the North Elm Cemetery in Falls County (near Rosebud, TX) shows:
Sarah A. Matthews - 1890-1979

This book was compiled over many years by actually visiting the cemeteries and researching records in the Milam County Courthouse.

I will forward your email to the members of the MCHC and the Milam County Genealogical Society and hopefully someone will have additional information for you.

Thank you

Jerry Caywood
MCHC website Administrator


email forwarded to MCHC members and MCGS members.


Mr. Caywood,

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your efforts.

I'm thinking the next step I will take will be to look into land records and possibly any old church records from the Maysfield area. 

I noticed that the Methodist church was active back then, and you never know when someone has gathered up a history. 

Thanks again.
Bettie Sarver


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