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Rob Peterson
3738 Arnold
Houston, TX 77005
Am interested in the El Camino Real sites in Milam County. Have seen some of the highway signs and looked
at two of the Spanish mission markers. Would be interested in where other El Camino related sites are. Thanks.


Standard email sent to Mr Peterson; Email forwarded to MCHC members


Mr. Peterson,
I visited the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce last week and acquired numerous tourist type literature of Milam
County for you.

Probably the most generalized, inclusive of the literature, is a driving map showing the various trails and
points of interest along the way. Numerous locations have interpretive historical markers on site. The map has a
dark brown border and reads "Catch the Spirit of Historic Central Texas".

The packet that I will be mailing will also contain a paperback book written by two of our local historians, Dr.
Lucile Estell and Mrs. Joy Graham along with Steven Gonzales whose credentials are listed in the book. It is
named Images of America, El Camino Real De Los Tejas. Other ECR Trail folders and handouts are enclosed along
with misc. community maps.

There has been some discussion on a driving tour CD that would be able to be sourced at possibly the Chamber,
for a very nominal fee. It would narrate not only the El Camino Real Trail, but other points of interest
throughout Milam County. I hope that it comes to fruition in the future, for visitors like yourself, who visit
our County.

You had mentioned two San Xavier Mission sites, but in case you aren't aware, there are actually three. They're
all located within approximately a three mile radius. Unfortunately, as you have seen, there are no longer any
physical vestiges of them that remain.

If you're interested in mission sites, I'd like to recommend an excellent book that may be sourced at our Milam
County Historical Museum in Cameron (254) 697-8963). The title being: The San Xavier Missions by the late Dr.
Kathleen Gilmore.

Should you visit us again, I'd like to share a few of my favorites tourist destinations with you. Since you're
familiar with the mission sites, a short distance away at Apache Pass is the beautiful, recently restored,
Worley Steel Bridge. It has been serving the community for over 100 years. There is a THC marker near the
southern entrance to the bridge, to the left, just off FM 908.

If you'll follow that same map, following the general route of the El Camino Real, it will lead you to Cameron
and the Milam County Historical Museum which is located on the Courthouse square(112 W. 1st St.). Along with a
considerable amount of El Camino Real information, you'll also find exhibits and displays of Milam County
history that the Director, Charles King, has designed.Our beautiful Renaissance Revival Milam County Courthouse
(1890-1892) is the the focal point of the square. A walk around the square will allow you to see the memorial
sidewalk, Veterans memorial and the Ben Milam Monument.   Located off the extreme southeast corner of the square
is the Historic Jail(1895) which is a "must tour". Charles King or a volunteer are hopefully available to give
you a personal tour of the five story Romanesque Revival building. Again, he may be contacted at the museum.

Another beautiful old steel bridge, the Faubian/Sugarloaf Mountain Bridge may be seen crossing the Little River
north of Gause. Sugarloaf Mountain may be seen in the distance (shown as item #49 and #60 on map). The original
Faubian Bridge remains collapsed in the Little River a short distance upstream but out of view from the current

The recently rededicated Nashville on the Brazos Centennial Park, located on Hwy 79 at the Brazos River, is
certainly worth a visit for educational and historical reasons. It is item # 61 on the referenced map.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks.


Mr. Brooks, thank you for all the information on Milam County and for your mailing (I gather I must have given
someone a mailing address somewhere); I look forward to getting that.  On my next trip to Milam Co. (I'm a 1962
RHS grad,  and my last trip in early June was to a mini-reunion at Apache Pass where I saw the road signs) I'll
definitely have some things to look up.  I did drive over the newly restored Worley Steel Bridge. I was unaware
of all the El Camino Real connections to Milam County. Thank you again for your response.
Regards, Rob Peterson/Houston


Mr. Peterson,
Regarding your address, you provided that as contact information w/ your inquiry. Package tracking;
9114999944314893237939 . Anticipated delivery is Wed. 06/24/15

I'm sorry that I oversimplified my response since I wasn't aware that you had "roots" in Rockdale and Milam
County. A majority of our inquiries are from out of the area and even out of the state, so I therefore try to
start out with the fundamentals. If I may be of any further assistance regarding your inquiry please don't
hesitate to call on me.
Sincerely,  Jack Brooks