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John Martin Yoe
715 Shady Hollow
New Braunfels, TX 78132


I have in my possession the first piano in Milam County. It was purchased by C.H.Yoe in New York, shipped to
Galveston and delivered to my great uncle by wagon. 

My family would like to know if you would be interested in the piano?

Please send me an email.

Very truly yours,

John Yoe



Email forwarded to MCHC members



Mr. Yoe,

I am sure the MCHC will be interested in trying to find a place for it. Maybe at the jail museum or the Milam
Co. Museum.  I am a member of the MCHC. I am sure some of the members will be contacting you.

Thank you

Mary Neely



Jerry, this sounds good if the museum can use it.

Peggy Wright



Good Evening Mr. Yoe,

My name is Geri Burnett and I am the chairman of the Milam County Historical Commission.  The piano you
mentioned on our web site, the first piano in Milam County, is a valued piece of Milam County history.  The
Milam County Historical Commission does not have a facility to house the Yoe piano.  However, I would like to
get in touch with Charles King, the curator of the  Milam County Museum, to see if the Milam County Museum
would be interested in the piano.

Where is the Yoe piano located? 

Thank you and your family for preserving that piece of Milam County history!  Do you happen to have the date
of purchase of the piano or other information about it other than what you mentioned on the web site? 

I will contact Charles King after Christmas and then get back in touch with you, if that is agreeable.  If you
would like to discuss this or get in touch with me, my cell phone number is 51two-seven60-54six1.

Thank you again, Mr. Yoe, for taking the time and trouble to contact us about the Yoe piano.

Sincerely, Geri Burnett
Milam County Historical Commission, Chair