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Received via Website

A message from MCHC website:
Lowell Herzog
PO Box 1266
Brenham, TX  77834-1266


I am the current president of the Washington County Genealogical Society and would like to extend a hand to similar organizations.  I am also a certified gravestone conservator, trained by Jon Appell at the Campbell Center in IL.  I am a recently-retired school teacher and am doing the conservation work full-time.  If any of your members, or if the organization itself needs advice or work done at any Milam Co. cemeteries, please let me know.  I have almost completed a year-long refurbishment of the B'Nai Abraham Cemetery adjacent to Prairie Lea Cemetery in Brenham, and have reset fallen headstones and monuments in/around Washington County.

As a graduate of A&M in 1989 with a BA in History, and a BA in English in 1991, I follow an academic mindset in stonework.  I do keep up with research and findings in the field, and I adhere to the U.S. Parks Service "Best Practices" for dealing with gravestones and markers.  I will do cleanings, resets, reassembly of broken/shattered stones, replacing broken bases with either poured concrete or carved limestone, and reassembly of fallen, multi-piece markers.

Also, if your group ever has anything that members of the WCGS (  might have an interest in, please let me know, and I can pass it along at our meetings.

Thank you.
Lowell Herzog


Replied to Mr Herzog and email forwarded to MCHC and MC Genealogy Society.


Mr. Caywood,

I am contacting the county historical associations/organizations this month to let them know of my gravestone conservation business.  I last contacted you in Sept of 2015; since then, I have reset probably another 160 stones and also have a website for more information about me and my work.

If you a still the website admin, please let your members know (again) about my services.

Thank you.
Lowell Herzog



Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in Milam County history.

Jerry Caywood