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Vicky Kirk
1301 Rockdale Road
Rockdale, TX 76567

Hello! I saw in the Rockdale Reporter that your organization has donated copies of the reprinted book about Milam County.  How could I purchase one of these?  I have a history major who has been drooling over this book since she found it in her college library.  This would make great Christmas Present. 
Thanks so much,
Vicky Kirk



Standard reply sent to Ms Kirk.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.



Good evening, Ms. Kirk.

The Late Ms. Batte's History of Milam County book is available for purchase at the Milam County Historical Museum in Cameron. All proceeds benefit the museum, Historic Jail, Little Cameron exhibit and sponsored events. The cost is $ 60 plus $ 5 for shipping. I know that cash and checks are accepted, but I'm not sure about credit or debit cards.

Mr. Charles King should be contacted at (254) 697-8963. His hours are Tuesday thru Friday,  9 a.m. until 4 p.m.(the museum is closed on Sunday and Monday). The museum address is;  112 W 1st St., Cameron , TX. 76520.

I agree, Ms. Batte's book would make a great Christmas gift indeed.


Jack Brooks



Thank you so much! I will go to the museum and purchase it.

Vicky Kirk