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Requests for Info
Received via Website

Earlyn Walker
New York
I found an old article in Jet Magazine about an student who was elected the first Black vice president of his
eleventh grade class in 1955.  He was the first in an all White high school in Tahoka, TX.  His name was
Andrew Nance.  I am wondering was that student
Thank you, Earlyn
Mr Walker,
We received your message but I'm not sure I understand your question. Please advise more details...was there
some connection between this student and Milam County, TX?  Do you know which school?
What was your question about the student?
Thanks, Jerry Caywood
Mr. Walker,
The text of your email was cut off at the end and Mr. Caywood and myself weren't able to fully understand your
question regarding Mr. Nance.
If I'm correct in assuming that you were after more information regarding this student, I might offer a few
Tahoka, Texas is located in Lynn County. An internet search failed to turn up a web site for a Lynn County
Historical Society/Commission or genealogical society. I was able to find a web site for Tahoka High School  Many times the school
librarian is also charged with the responsibility of school archivist. The Library would also be a logical
place for past yearbooks which might possibly have the information that you're searching. The local newspaper
is the Lynn County News and possibly they might have an archive section or possibly microfiche/micro-tapes of
past newspapers. I was able to find the following Facebook contact info:  The Archives site shows a Andrew Nance, born
Jan. 21,1938 in McLennan(County?), Texas. The birth year generally conforms to a 1956 H/S graduation. This may
or may not be the gentleman in question. I'm sorry that we're unable to assist you further. We wish you success
resolving your Lynn County inquiry. Sincerely, Jack Brooks


Amanda Morrow
13414 joliet
Houston, TX 77015
I was wondering what the jail museum hours are for this Saturday 10-25-14. The hours on the website are for
Thanks to Jack Brooks for the following information:
Milam County Museum hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday -  8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
                         1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday
(webpage has been updated)

Temple, Texas 76501
I'm wondering when or how one can tour your museum? I am looking to add photographs of your museum to my
website.Thanks in advance
Mike Hudgins
There are actually two museums in Cameron, Milam County.
Check out
We hope you get to visit the museums and that you enjoy them.
Jerry Caywood

Stephanie Jarvis
1113 Linden St
Austin, TX 78702
Hello. I am researching the history of the Stigall Store in San Gabriel.  Can you recommend any local
resources that might help in my research?
Thank you very much for your time.
Stephanie Jarvis
Ms Jarvis,
I have forwarded your request for info re Stigall Store to all of the members of the Milam County Historical
Commission. I'm sure you will hear from  some of the members directly.
Jerry Caywood
Ms. Jarvis,I made a brief internet search and only found the following;
The Stigall General Store and Hardware was open on Thursday, Oct. 11th, 2014. It was open for the first time in
quite a while, for an inventory reduction sale. Entering it is like a time warp from bygone days.The Lucy Hill
Patterson Library in Rockdale may have some reference material, possibly in the genealogical section of the
library. Personally, I would attempt to talk with some of the Stigall family members that still reside in the
community. They probably would be able to give you information that you would never be able to find in a book. 
The Milam County 2014-2015 edition of the Red Phone Book, (public records) shows a Zane Stigall residing at
7420 N FM 486, Thorndale TX. 76577.  Tel. # 512-86two-32four8   Google Earth places that residence only 0.8
mile north of the old store.  Milam County Appraisal District  public
records show current ownership of the store (parcel #28430) as an Abigail Folkes, 2201 Becker Dr., Brenham, TX

This is how I've had the most success with ventures like this. First, I write a cordial letter to the
individual explaining my interests and the type of information that I'm needing. I also add the telephone
number that I will be calling from - since you'll be calling from out of area they may discount it as a
soliciting call unless they are prepared for your call and know what telephone # to expect. This letter "breaks
the ice" and then prepares them for your 2nd call which allows the individual the opportunity to have reference
material at hand since they now know what to expect. They also will have their thoughts together.

Obviously, showing a genuine interest in everything that they are sharing with you is very important. Finally,
a  thank you for their information and hospitality if visited. I've had situations where the family has
insisted that I have lunch or dinner with them, should I have visited. Last but not least, follow up with a
thank you note after your telephone conversation or visit. They will forever remember you by this simple
courteous act. The best part is that it will only cost you a dollar, but will make you feel like a million.

Try this first, and should it not work for you, reply back to this email. There are two other MCHC members who
live in this community and I have a friend who lives two blocks from the store whose heritage in the community
goes back at least three generations. They will lack the Stigall's intimate knowledge of their family, plus the
Stigall's may have a "stash"  of photo's in a closet somewhere, or maybe a key and a future visit to the
store?. Good luck on your venture, and if successful, would you please be kind enough to reply back and tell us
of your experience. 
Respectfully, Jack Brooks, bjohnr2010(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
Ms. Jarvis, Since we haven't emailed since late October, I wanted to share some information that I found out
about today. Our Milam County Historical Commission meeting was held at the historic San Gabriel Christian
Church, not 500 feet from the Stigall Store.
Our hosts were the gracious members of the Church. One particular member caught my attention, a Mr. Billy
Stigall. He immediately knew who I was since I had mailed a letter to him  and at a later date dropped a note
on his truck attempting to get in contact with him for you. It was fascinating listening to him tell of his
memories of his childhood days and memories of the store as well as the community. Unfortunately, our meeting
cut short the social time.
I asked him if he would allow me to share his tel. # with you so that you would be able to document the history
of the Stigall store. He said absolutely and that he looks forward to talking with you. I'll relay his Tel # in
a private post.  I found Mr. Stigall to be a very warm and outgoing gentleman and I know that you're in for a
Respectfully, Jack Brooks.
Hi Mr. Brooks,
Thank you so much for your email. I greatly appreciate you relaying Mr. Stigall's contact information to me.  I
do look forward to talking with him.  I was able to speak with Zane Stigall and he was also very friendly and
shared with me a 1980s newspaper article that had been written about the store and his family. Sorry for my
delay in emailing you back to report on my findings... things were quite hectic with the holidays and finishing
up the project.  I have completed building a small website for the new owner of the store, Roger Chambers.  If
you would be interested in viewing it the address is:
Even though I have technically finished the project, I will still love to follow up with both Billy and Zane to
share the website with them and check if they have info to add/change on what I have.  I am still hoping they
will find a historic image of the store within their files as that is something I was unable to find for the
Thank you again for remembering me and have a great day.
Sincerely, Stephanie Jarvis


Cindy Pylant
1717 Park Ridge Terrace
My brother visited the Bozeman Cemetery many years ago. We have relatives buried there. We would like to
visit it again. Do you know if it is on private land? He is remembering it was within the boundaries of a
hunting lease. It appears to be off FM 2027 which I think I can find. Do you have any information that would
help us locate and visit the Bozeman Cemetery? Is there someone I could contact in Baileyville? Thanks.
Cindy Pylant
Ms Pylant, Thank you for your email re Bozeman Cemetery.
If you haven't already done so, you might check out
I'm sorry that I do not have any info re Bozeman Cemetery, but I will forward your request to the members of
the Milam County Historical Commission and hopefully you will be hearing from some of the members.
I would like to ask that if you visit the cemetery, please take  photos and send to me so we can put them on
the site.  All credit for them would go to you.
Thank you
Jerry Caywood
MCHC Web Administrator
(email sent to MCHC members)
From the intersection of US Hwy 77 and US Hwy 36/190 in downtown Cameron, proceed North on US Hwy 77 for 4.6
miles to the intersection of FM 485. Turn right (East) on FM 485 for 5.8 miles to the intersection of FM 979.
Turn left on FM 979 (North) and go 8.7 miles to FM 2027. Turn left (North) on FM 2027 and travel 8.3 miles
until you see a large iron and wood gate on your right. Address 8575 CR 2027.
Jack Brooks
Cindy, Thank you so much for taking the time to post the photo's to "Find a Grave" in the near future. The more
information that we have on line, the better the chance of mitigating  future "issues" regarding this cemetery.

I didn't know if you, or your brother, would find the attached "from dirt" original survey of interest or not.
It is from a 1918 General Land Office(GLO) map. The original Bozeman property was in the Levi Taylor survey the
third survey down from the top right. Dated Aug. 18, 1835 and posted in Book 14, Pg.327 / Vol. C Pg. 71 in the
Milam County, County Clerks Office in Cameron. Jerry and I would be thrilled to post your family's headstone
photo's to our site under the Bozeman Cemetery. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness in that regard.
Sincerely, Jack Brooks
John, Thank you again for your diligent work. I visited with my brother this morning and he gave me pictures he
had taken at the Bozeman cemetery in 1972 and 1985. I will scan the pictures and forward them to you. I will
also post them on Find A Grave.
Sincerely, Cindy Pylant
Ms. Pylant, A reasonable amount of footwork was performed yesterday (11/12/2014), at the Milam County Appraisal
District office, the Cameron Library and Texas Country Title's excellent 1925 Milam County property ownership
map. I found the Bozeman Cemetery to be separately deeded (I. D. 58899) and tax exempt property. It was
completely surrounded by an 891 acre privately owned ranch (I. D. 16268). See attachment #1

The current property owner previously allowed some irresponsible individuals to visit the cemetery. They
apparently camped without permission, started a bonfire and then refused to leave when asked.

Thus, access to the Bozeman Cemetery is DENIED to all - regardless of reason or State Law!
The responsible persons became irate with the mention of consequences of violation of the State law allowing
access to anyone wanting to visit any cemetery in Texas.

The following Texas Historical Commission web site is an excellent reference source regarding Historic

Section 711.041 of the Health and Safety Code states that any person who wishes to visit a cemetery that has no
public ingress or egress shall have the rights for visitation during reasonable hours and for purposes
associated with cemetery visits. The owner of the lands surrounding the cemetery may designate the routes for
reasonable access.
Section 711.0521 further states that interference with ingress and egress is a Class C misdemeanor.

Health and Safety Code section 711.012(b) provides the Texas Funeral Services Commission the authority to write
rules to support section 711.041 of the Health and Safety Code. These rules present a course of action that may
be undertaken in cases where access to a cemetery is refused. See Title 22, Part 10, Rule §205.2 of the Texas
Administrative Code. The court decision in the case of Davis v. May, 135 S.W.3d 747 (Tex.App.–San Antonio 2003,
pet. denied), affirmed the trail court’s judgment granting descendants the right of ingress and egress to a
private family cemetery surrounded by a single landowner. - See more at:

(Out of respect for the owners feelings, in this situation, Ms. Pylant has graciously agreed to settle for some
photos of her family's headstones to be emailed to her by the property owner)

Image below shows the Bozeman property ownership in the community in 1925.
Also below is a brief history of the Baileyville Community from Mary Belle Batte's book "History of Milam
Respectfully, Jack Brooks