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Steve Wilson
21676 NE North Drive
Fletcher, OK 73541

Can you tell me if you have copies of Mary Belle Batte's "Spanish Missions of Milam County,
1746-1756," published by the Milam County Historical Museum in 1999, for sale?

If not, can you tell me if I could purchase a xerox copy of same, and price?
Many thanks,



Standard email sent to Steve Wilson.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history




I spoke with Charles King, past Director of the Milam County Museum, about your inquiry these evening at our
board meeting. He stated that he had already emailed you regarding the availability of the book. I'm sure that
he told you that the book is a fund raiser for the Museum and the cost is $25.00 plus plus $5.00 for shipping. 
I have it in hand and can mail it out tomorrow morning if you haven't already mailed a check to the museum.
Honor system here, pay when you receive it. $25.00 plus whatever postage is on package.

Is 21676 NE North Dr. Fletcher , OK, 73541 the address that you would like it mailed to?.

Need reimbursement check mailed to: Jack Brooks, 2300 Bel Air Dr., Taylor, TX. 76574

Please advise.

I'm not trying to exploit you here, but there is another book that you might also be interested in. See
attachment # 2-5. It is called: "The San Xavier Missions Report #16" by the late Kathleen Kirk Gilmore.
Today, this same book would be published by the Archeology Division of the Texas Historical Commission. This
book is a fund raiser devoted to preservation projects for the Milam County Historical Commission of which I
am a member. This book is an excellent archeology study attempting to locate the exact location of each of the
three missions.

It also may be ordered through the Milam County Museum. I believe that the cost is $ 40.00 plus shipping, but
Mr. King would have to confirm that amount. The Museum telephone number is 254-697-8963. Hours are Tuesday
through Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Jack Brooks



Good morning,

I read with interest your inquiry about the Missions of Milam County. You are correct in saying that they are
discussed in the History of Milam County by Mary Belle Batte. That book has recently been reprinted by the
Milam County Historical Association and is available at the Milam County Historical Museum in Cameron . I
think that they may also have some research by Dr. Kathleen Gilmore.

In my opinion, one of the best sources is Bolton's book about Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century. It is an
out of print text, but used ones are available on Amazon. It is an absolute must. I think that it has also
been reprinted and is available on Amazon.

Good luck!!

Lucile Estell



Jack Brooks

I have heard of the name, Jacob Snively, but had never researched  the same. I just pulled this up   and found him to be a very interesting gentleman,
indeed. I certainly hope that my demise is much more delicate than his, if you know what I mean. Do you have
access to the 18 Volume set of Papers Concerning the Robertson's Colony?. Always my favorite reference when
researching territorial day's events.

I live in Taylor in Williamson County and won't be back in Cameron( an hour away) until early next week when I
visit with my mother in law in a nursing home there. I'll pick up Dr. Kathleen Gilmore's book at the Museum
then, If that's all right with you.

Charles King, who recently retired as Director of the Milam County Museum, still works there part time, and 
has done an excellent job in that position. We not only have the main museum, but the historic 1895 Pauley
jail as well as Little Cameron which is a replica scale model of Cameron in the 1940's with trains  with
scaled buildings as well as the Courthouse. The Museum Board and Friends of the museum and volunteers
contribute greatly to its success. Personally I contribute little due to numerous other interests and a
current project in Williamson County. I do hope to be a more contributing member in the future.

Your Batte Spanish Mission book is in the Mail.  Tracking # (9500 1140 0911 6302 0298 54) expected delivery
10/31/2016. Postage $ 3.97.

Best regards,
Jack Brooks

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Steve Wilson

To: John Brooks
Subject: Re: 'Spanish Missions of Milam County' by Mary Belle Batte

Hi John,

Many thanks for your response. Yes, I am most interested in Gilmore’s The San Xavier Missions Report as well.
Please do send me this report, as well as Spanish Missions of Milam County by Batte.

I will be most pleased to send a check, to include postage, upon receipt, or if I can call in my credit card
number, I would gladly do that, too.

I was director of the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton, OK for many years, and look forward to visiting
your museum hopefully in the near future. I am working on a biography of Colonel Jacob Snively, who I believe,
was Milam County’s first county surveyor in the 1840s, and originally discovered some of the first Spanish
stone ruins in the area.

Thanks again,

Steve Wilson
21676 NE North Drive
Fletcher, OK  73541