Angela Daniels
Pflugerville, Tx

As a member of the Hill Fontaine Shelby Association, we have a concern about the black cemetery in Davilla,
Tx regarding the maintenance.

In researching the cemetery is owned by the city of Davilla, Tx and in the past, members have established a
fund from donations to pay for maintenance. I would like to know if a committee can be formed under the
association whereby rules and a work contract can be implemented regarding the maintenance? 

Also, I noticed during my research that grants have been available for historical cemeteries in past and would
the black cemetery of Davilla be eligible for funding?

I appreciate for clarification and please inform if we need to contact someone else. Thank you for your

Angela Daniels



Standard email sent to Angela Daniels.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in Milam County



Angela Daniels
18917 Huntingtower Castle Blvd
Pflugerville, TX 78660

Good morning, I am requesting the status on my email that was sent on 09/14/16.
Thank you,
Angela Daniels



I sent info request to MCHC members again. I advised Angela that I would send the request again and re-sent it
to  MCHC members and others.

Jerry Caywood

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