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Nancy Witt
3849 Windsor Castle Blvd
Milton, Fl 32583

There are other family members buried in the Davilla Cementery who died in the 1880's are not listed on your list now. 

The book was given to Richard/Robert Underwood by the caretaker in the 1980's who was studying state historical markers.  He was a distant relative who has passed away. 

How do I get a list of names in that book or who do I contact to get information? 

My past family members are buried ,as you go in the gate coming down from the store, turn to the left inside of the gate and go to the far corner in front of the large oak tree with a metal fence propped against the fence behind the tree by a person who plowed it after a fire many years ago. 

The Underwood sisters could tell you exactly where they were at as they took care of the plots every Sunday as long as they could since they were little girls.  They lived in the last two houses on the right side of the road just before you get to the cementery. 

My family members:
William Moore bn abt 1813 / d. abt 1880;
his son William bn 1847 / d. abt 1870/80;
my grandfather Lafayette "Fayet" bn 1850 - d. abt 1911/15
John  Franklin Jones bn 1848 d. abt 1876
and others in this area plus some of the wife's family. 

When I was there we did not have the tools to put the fence back up as we were passing through.

I appreciate any help you can give me in obtaining this information. 

Freida and her sister were very helpful when we were there taking us to the graves and telling us about the history of the town. 

My grandparents, Fayet and Sephronia, lived a little further down the road on the left side a two story house that set back and burned in abt 1979.  They lived on it until abt. 1925.  We were told by people in town that large oil well was suppose to be found and capped on the property just before it burnt. I do not know how true this is. 

My mother's father Wade Moore had lived in this house even after he married along with other aunts, uncles and cousins. 

Carole Pettes Witt


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