ARTICLE II. PURPOSE AND POLICY

The purpose of the Milam County Historical Commission shall be to preserve, protect, and
promote history within the county.

The policies include:

A.  Research, survey and set up a recording system for historical buildings and sites in
accordance with THC Certified Local Government requirements.

B.  Use Annual Guidelines from the Texas Historical Commission to develop an Annual Plan
of Work and Long Range Plans.

C.  Coordinate MCHC work to support all historical groups within the county.

D.  Payment for historical markers within the county will be paid for by the property
owner or some organization sponsoring the site.

                        ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP

Section 1.       Eligibility:
Any adult resident of Milam County approved by the Commissioners Court shall be eligible.

Section 2.       Term:
The Commissioners Court shall appoint members for two-year terms beginning January 1 of
odd numbered years. In-term appointments shall serve only until the next regular
appointment date. Regular members of the commission shall be voting members.

Section 3.       Membership:
Members shall be composed of at least seven active members who shall represent all areas
of the county. Any member may resign by submitting a written resignation to the
chairperson, who shall in turn inform the County Commissioners of such resignation in the
First Annual Report follows the Resignation.

If an active member fails to attend at least two regular meetings of the Commission:

     1) During the first calendar year of the appointed term;
     2) During the second calendar year of the appointed term;

Without a valid excuse, (personal excuse or health reasons) then such Member

     1) At the end of the first calendar year may automatically be removed from
        the Commission;
     2) At the end of the second calendar year may not be nominated for another

     An Active Member with personal circumstances or health problems may request
     to be reclassified as an Associate Member with NO voting rights to serve
     out the remaining term of office. The Commissioners' Court may/may not
     replace the vacancy caused by the Associate member for the remainder of the
     term using the same guidelines gathering membership from across the county.

Members Emeritus:
The category or "Member Emeritus" may be accorded to an active member who has served for
at least three terms, but can no longer be active because of age, health, or demands of
occupation. Nomination to Emeritus status must be authorized by the  majority vote of
members present at a regular meeting.

Section 4.       Ex-Officio Members:
Ex-officio, non-voting members shall include the County Judge and the County

                           ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS

Section 1.       Enumeration, Election and Terms:
The Officers of the Commission shall be: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson,
Secretary/Treasurer and shall be elected by a majority vote of the voting members present
at  the October meeting of even-numbered years. Their term shall be for two years and for
two terms (a total of four years).

Section 2.       Chairperson:
The Chairperson shall be the Executive Officer for the Commission, whose responsibility
shall be to preside at all meetings, appoint standing committees, task forces and
chairmen; report annually to the County Commissioners' Court on
the  activity and the progress of the Commission. The Chairperson shall have the usual
powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office and shall perform other
such duties as designated by members of the Commission.

Section 3.      Vice Chairperson:
The Vice-Chairperson shall preside at the meetings in the absence of the Chairperson,
and, in the event the Chairperson is no longer able to serve in that capacity, shall
possess all the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson.

Section 4.       Secretary/Treasurer:
The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep an accurate Record of attendance, record the minutes
of the meetings, and perform such other duties normally pertaining to
the office.  This office shall perform the duties of treasurer, placing all incoming
money with the County Treasurer, and handling all requests for payments approved by the
Commission with the County Treasurer for payment.

Section 5.       Nominations and Election Procedures:
Nominations for these offices shall be made and presented to the general membership at
the October Meeting of even numbered years from that membership.  In the event that more
than one person is nominated for an office, the vote shall be by secret ballot.  A
majority of those present, qualified to vote, and voting shall constitute election. 
Proxy or Absentee Voting will not be allowed in election of officers.

Section 6.      Resignations
Should an officer resign from a position taking nominations from the floor following the
resignation will fill the remainder of of the position term. 
A majority of those present, qualified to vote, will constitute the winner.


Section 1.      Budget: 
The Chairperson and Executive Committee shall prepare the proposed budget for the ensuing
year.  The budget shall be presented to the County Judge when requested.

Section 2.      Receipts of Gifts: 
The MCHC shall be authorized to accept gifts of Money and other property to further its
historical preservation goals and for any use in the furtherance of its lawful purposes. 
MCHC funds will be deposited with the County Treasurer per THC guidelines.

                          ARTICLE VI. MEETINGS

Section 1.       Regular Meetings: 
There shall be a minimum of four regular meetings annually.  The Chairperson, with
agreement from the membership, shall set the specific date, time and place.    
Whenever possible, meetings will be rotated around the county.  Members shall be notified
by mail of the meetings.

Section 2.       Organizational Meeting
The first meeting of each year will be used as an Organizational Planning Meeting. 
Members shall develop Annual Plans of Work, Committees will be assigned and Long Range
Plans reviewed and updated.

Section 3.       Quorum
A majority of qualified members present constitutes a quorum.

                          ARTICLE VII. COMMITTEES

Section 1.      Chairperson:
The Chairperson of the MCHC shall appoint a chairperson of each of the Standing and
Special Committees. This shall be done at the Organizational Planning (first)
meeting of the year.

Section 2.      Standing Committees:
Standing committees shall be chosen at the Organizational meeting each year.  The MCHC
shall have the authority to discharge any or all committees.  Standing
Committees may include: Historic Markers; Budget & Finance; Oral History; Tourism;
Bridges; Certified Local Government and other committees associated with Texas Historical
Commission work.

Section 3.      Certified Local Government Committee: 
This committee, which may be referred to as "CLG Committee", shall be established in
compliance with all relevant Federal and State laws and regulations for the purposes of
applying for the qualifying MCHC for designation as a Certified Local Government and
overseeing MCHC's involvement in the Federal and State Certified Local Government

A. The CLG Committee Chair shall be either the CHC Chair or appointed by the MCHC Chair
as provided in Article VII Section 1 of these bylaws.  The Local Preservation Officer
shall be a member of the CLG Committee.

B. The CLG Committee shall be comprised of at least five (5) members and no more than
fifteen (15) members, who reside in Milam County and represent all areas of the county,
who have demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge in historic preservation. 
Attempts to recruit Professional CLG members will be made to the extent available.

C. CLG Committee Members shall serve a term of three (3) years or such lesser term for
which they may be elected in accordance with these by-laws.  The members' terms shall be
divided into three (3) equal groups with staggered terms expiring one (1) per year apart,
as practical.  A CLG member may not serve more than nine (9) consecutive years, but shall
be eligible for reelection after an absence of one (1) or more years.

D. Each CLG member shall include his or her qualifications on a resume to be submitted
as part of the application to the Texas Historical Commission which shall be available
for inspection during periodic audits.

E. Meetings of the CLG Committee shall be held monthly unless no Commission action is

F. One or more CLG members shall commit to attend at least one Educational or
informational meeting, conference or workshop each year (ie; THC, National Register of
Historic Places or similar historical organizations)

G. Written minutes of all CLG Committee meetings shall be recorded and a copy of all
such minutes be forwarded to THC after each meeting, not to exceed sixty (60) days.

H. The CLG Committee shall serve as a Review Board with the following Specific

     1. To establish, oversee and implement a procedure or system for surveying,
evaluating, registering, documenting, and protecting individual properties and districts
of historic significance in Milam County.

     2. To develop and maintain, and to periodically review, at least every two (2) years
an inventory of surveyed individual historic properties and districts located in Milam
County for updates or amendments.

     3. To monitor and review any actions affecting the Milam County courthouse, all
RTHLs, State Archeological Landmarks, National Register listed properties and districts
located in Milam County or locally designated properties, and, when necessary, to notify
the appropriate authorities of any changes.

     4. To Adhere to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for
Archeology and Historic Preservation as stands for all preservation activities which
"Standards and Guidelines" are adopted and approved.

     5. To seek eligible projects that may be funded through the CLG Committee, programs
such as publications, workshops, etc., for the education and training of CLG members.

     6. To ensure all CLG Committee Meetings are in conformance with the Texas Open
Meetings Act, Texas Civil Statutes, Article 6252-17

    7. To take such other action as may be necessary to qualify the MCHC to maintain
such qualification as Certified Local Government.

     8. The MCHC shall participate in an evaluation of its Certified Local Government
program every two years (ending in even numbered years).


Parliamentary Procedure:
Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the authoritative reference for all
procedures not covered by these By-Laws.

                        ARTICLE IX.  AMENDMENTS

These By-Laws may be amended by majority vote of the qualified members present and voting
at a Regular Meeting provided the amendment has been submitted in writing to the general
membership at least two weeks before the meeting at which the vote on the amendment is

Adopted by the membership of Milam County Historical Commission June 10, 2002.

Approved by the Milam County Commissioners Court June 24, 2002.

Name: The name of this organization shall be the
Milam County Historical Commission,
hereafter referred to as the MCHC.

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