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Lou Ann Hedden
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Comments : I am researching my father-in-laws grandparents.  William (dob July, 1825) and Julia Legler
(dob March, 1855) were both born in Germany and both immigrated in 1874.  In the 1900 census, they were living
in Milam County with daughter Annie and her husband Charles Hedden.  In the 1910 census, Charles and Annie are
living in Tom Green county, but there is no mention of William and Julia.

I am trying to locate an obituary for William and Julia, and a burial place.  One on-line list stated that
William died March 9, 1902 and Julia died Oct. 28, 1915, and both are buried in "Sharp Cemetery" in Milam
county.  Can someone help me find this information?  Thank you!


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Peggy Wright

Here are photos of William Legler's and Julia Legler's monuments in the Sharp Cemetery
There was no obit on the findagrave site


Thank you so much, Jerry. I hope to travel to Milam County soon to see the monuments. I also hope to visit the
county clerk's office to see if there are any records there that might be of interest.
Thanks again.
Lou Ann Hedden


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Photo furnished to by Karen Neal Morey

William Legler - Sharp Cemetery, TX
Julia Legler - Sharp Cemetery, Texas
Mrs. Hedden,

I visited the Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale yesterday afternoon. Their Micro-tape archives of the
Rockdale Reporter/Messenger newspaper and the Cameron Herald newspaper were searched for obituaries for William
and Julia for two weekly edition following their death's.

No obituary was found in either newspaper.

One page of the Rockdale Reporter, the week following William's death, was washed out and illegible. There is
the possibility that his obituary may have been on that page.

Our locally produced Milam County Death Records Books, Volume # 1, 1903-1920, did not list Julia Legler for
whatever reason. William Legler's death in 1902 preceded the 1903 Texas State law requiring death certificates.
See attachment #1 and reference. 

I also found the same 1900 and 1910 Federal Census's that you referenced. Providing that I somehow didn't "jump
track" here, I find Julia, like yourself, still in Tom Green, Texas, but living under the head of household
Fritz Backhouse. She is listed as his mother (not mother in law).
By this time, William Legler is deceased of course.

Fritz is shown widowed with three daughters and a niece. This doesn't make sense to me unless Fritz was from a
previous marriage prior to Julia marrying William.

Hopefully your in-depth genealogical study will sort this out or discount it.
(The below link requires having an account or signing up for a free 2-week trial:)

170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas, Vol. #2 pg. 1115, lists William and Julia interred in the
Sharp Cemetery confirming what is posted on the Find a Grave website reference by Ms. Peggy Wright.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to be of more assistance to you. Would you be kind enough to share any additional
information that you may find, regarding William and Julia's residency in Milam County, so that we may follow
up on your post? 

Thank you and warmest regards,
Jack Brooks

Early Texas death certificate requirements