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Shannon Marshall
410 Poe Avenue
Poteau, Oklahoma 74953

I am trying to locate any historical information on my 4x great-grandparents James L. Morgan and Lucy
Morgan that settled in Milam County area in the mid to late 1860's.  Both are buried in Milam County, Texas. 

I am trying to find any ancestry family history on Lucy, maiden name is either Biddy or Colbert. 

How do I go about finding the cemetary? does not have any information on her whereabouts in
Milam County.

Thank you


Ms Marshall,

Thank you for contacting the Milam County Historical Commission.

I have checked the books "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, TX' for James and Lucy Morgan.

I did find a James - b. 1862-d.1924 and his wife  Mattie N. b. 1881-d. 1972 in the Salty Cemetery.  Also 
James Travis 1862-1924 .

This was all I found in the records.

I will forward your info request to the members of the Milam County Historical Commission and to members of
the M.C. Genealogical Society and others interested in MC history.  Perhaps some one will have more info.

Thank You.

Jerry Caywood


Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC History.



Ms. Marshall,

I researched our Milam County Death Record books, Vol. I and II (1903-1935) and was unable to find James L or
Lucy Morgan or any of their numerous children expiring during that time frame. 

I did note in the 1850 and 1860 Federal census that a number of the children were born in numerous states so
the family was not shy about mobility. 

I'm sure that you are aware of attachment #1 (below) from the Tippah County (MS) Heritage, p. 628.

I'd like to share the underlined sentences with the readers of this post. $ 700 in gold in 1860 had to be a
small fortune. Then to bury it during the Civil War so that it wouldn't be pillaged only to not remember where
it was buried afterward. Disappointed would be putting it mildly.  I noted on an Ancestry public post where
James L. Morgan expired in 1867 in Milam County. Do you have a mortality date for Lucy "Biddy" Colbert
Morgan?. I have not been able to come up with anything additional for her. 

Jack Brooks


James L Morgan - Lucy Morgan