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Danny McWilliams
2300 Chalet Trail, Apt 2N
Kerrville, TX  78028

Many years ago when I was a young boy, our grandmother, who grew up in Rockdale, took my sister and I out to
Pleasant Hill, probably early 60's. I remember a church and cemetery, surrounded by the lignite strip mining
operations of IGC. As I recall, she told us there was once a small town on the site, which was bought up
for mining purposes? I have found the cemetery, but can find no other information on the history. Do you
happen to have any? I believe we might have had family that attended the church, but not sure if they lived

Danny McWilliams



Standard acknowledgement email sent to Mr McWilliams.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others.



Mr. McWilliams,  The Milam County Historical Commission had received another inquiry quite similar to yours,

I would like to bring to your attention an excellent short and concise Rockdale and surrounding communities
reference: Rockdale Centennial - A History of Rockdale, Texas 1874-1974 - Edited by the late Ida Jo Marshall -
Printed by the Rockdale Reporter  - Contributed by the Milam County Genealogical Society. 

The above reference is available free, in its entirety, on-line at the following link:

The following article is from chapter 15, Surrounding Communities and sub-item # 19, Pleasant Hill.  There is
also another Chapter dealing with Alcoa and the International Generating Company (IGC) of which you had

(Researched by Mrs. Ilallle McCoy)
Pleasant Hill, a community in Milam County - twelve miles south and slightly west of Rockdale, and three miles
south and west of Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) - was settled soon after the Civil War by pioneers from
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and East Texas.

In 1874 these people organized a Methodist Church. Then through the efforts of Wilbur Walker, Dan and Dave
Thomson, W. A. Avrett, Henry Miller, Wesley Blackburn and Lewis Modesett a church building was completed in
1880 on four acres of land that had been donated by Travis Shaw for a church and a cemetery.

The first person buried in the new cemetery was a child named Merriweather. 

Travis Shaw also donated four acres of land for a school in 1883. The first school was a subscription school.
It was taught by Miss Mollie Phillips.

Years later, in 1917, a new two-room school was built.  From that time on two teachers were employed.

Pleasant Hill organized a Literary Society that was active for many years. Programs sponsored by this society
added much to the social life of the community.

The church was used for religious worship continuously for three quarters of a century. In 1944 the school was
consolidated with Rockdale school and the children were bussed into town.

Because this land contained coal, and because the Aluminum Plant of America needed this coal, most of the land
of this community was sold by the 1950's. Consequently, all the citizens except two or three families moved
away. The church was disbanded in the early 1950's. At the present time, 1973, both the church and schoolhouse
still stand. A few people still bury their dead in the cemetery.

A Foundation, for the future care of the cemetety, has been established with the Citizens National Bank of
Cameron. Twice a year cemetery workings are held, and one day each-year a Homecoming is held by the present
and former citizens, who are now too few in numbers." 

Please see attachment # 1. While Researching Mrs. Norinne Holman's excellent reference books, 170 Years of
Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas, Vol. II page 866, I noted the interred McWilliams. Would I be correct
in assuming that they were great grandparents?.

I also noted interred in the Oakhill Cemetery is Lillie B. McWilliams, 1914-1992 and husband Logan V.
McWilliams, 1914-1994. Grandparents?

You might also enjoy this article about an adjacent mining community that struggled keeping a name.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Jack BrooksL 


Thank you for the information. My family from that Rockdale was Montague. My great grandfather was a postman.

Lee and Ruth Wallace were the relatives I knew, both buried across the street from their old house in Minerva.

Danny McWilliams