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Allen Dodson
187 Overton Ridge Circle
Weatherford, Texas 76088

I have an uncle buried at Walker's Creek as well other relatives of the Dodson family.  I am trying
to build a family tree and need any information you can provide on James Ray Dodson
WWII submarinar who died in March 1944 aboard SS 208 Grayback.

Thank you
Allen Dodson



Standard reply to Mr Dodson.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in M.C. history.


Hi, Allen.
I researched the Portals of Texas History website through the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library web site.
That way I was able to search the local digitized Milam County newspapers related to your inquiry.

Thanks go to the LHP Library. Thank you as well, to the Cameron Herald and Rockdale Reporter newspapers for
their diligence in reporting the news of the day.

I did take note of other Dodson family related news articles during the period studied (1930-1960). The
following link may assist you in your further local genealogical studies:

Once you open the following links, make sure that you choose magnify this page from the left toolbar. It will
improve legibility immensely. 

April 13,1944 - 
June 15, 1944 -
August 16, 1945 -
July 3,1947 -

Note; article shows follow-up on page 4 but I actually found it on page 10 instead.

For the benefit of other readers of this post, the following links provide additional information on James Ray
Dodson and the SS 208 Grayback: 

Note: printed in a newspaper article prior to his death

Allen, Milam County owes your Ancestor James, and family members, a debt of gratitude for the ultimate
sacrifice that he made for his country.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Jack Brooks