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Requests for Info
Received via Website

Requests for Info
Received via Website


Mrs. K. Arnett
10924 Grant Road
Houston, TX 77070

We're investigating two contractors before signing a contract.

Could The Milam County Historical Commission of Cameron help me determine if the "Dallie Rose" house and
"Travis" house were actually completely rehabbed by a Jeff Barnes/Suzann Pennington.

Ms. Pennington said she rehabbed 4 of these houses and has them on her website. My problem?  No completion

Mrs. Brinkley had sold one house to a Jeanne Shannon of Tomball, according to your paper in 2012.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Mrs. K. Arnett



Standard email to Ms Arnett.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in M.C. history.



Thank you for your prompt response.  A former Cameron resident advised me Mrs. Beverly had bought those houses
with an insurance settlement about 12 years ago and had them redone. Now, I'm trying to verify if Pennington
and Baker actually did the work. They are claiming they did two houses but their pictures fail to prove it.
With flood repair and the pressure of needed housing, known contractors are booked.

Thus, I turned to the memories of the historical commission.

Non-thinkers forget there exists a cadre interested in maintaining the historical integrity of Texas towns on
several levels.

Kathleen  Arnett