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Lynn Elizabeth Albers
POB 1015
Eagle, CO 81631

Hello friends -
My gr-grandfather was a brother of Sarah Elizabeth Derr Bowling, who is buried in a cemetery in Gause, Milam County, TX.  Her husband, John Camillus Bowling, is also buried there.  They had several children.

My Questions:

1) Are there any known descendants of Sarah & Camillus still living in the Gause area?  (If yes, pls feel free to give them my contact info.)

2) Do you have any references to the Bowling family (particularly Sarah & Camillus) in your local history?

3) Do you have any images of the Bowling family you can share with me?

I have performed a lot of research re: Sarah's Derr family in Iowa & am happy to share info.

Also - It looks like there are a couple of cemeteries in Gause. I believe Sarah & Camillus are in the Gause City Cemetery.  Pls correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you very much. 

Lynn Elizabeth Albers



Standard reply to Ms Albers.  Email forewarded to MCHC members and others interested in Milam County history.



Good morning. I saw your request via the Milam County Historical Association. 

I have done extensive research on the Gause Cemetery and am still in that process.  I have an Ancestry tree on <> that is for the Gause Cemetery.  I do have the Bowling family included. 

The Bowling family was very large and so many descendants do live in the area still (Roper, Ely and Todd families to name a few) and many are buried in the Gause Cemetery.

I do have some pictures from a couple of local books and other sources. 

Holly Jentsch
Gause, Milam County, Texas



If you are on Facebook here are some links you might enjoy: <>  Milam County Cemeteries

There is also FindaGrave for the Gause Cemetery which I and several others try to keep accurate:

Email any time!

Holly Jentsch
Gause, Milam County, Texas




Hi Holly -

I have spent the last couple of hours working w/ the historical data you sent me & I am still digesting it all. I need to fill out citation info for some of the material you sent.

1) It looks like several items - including the Bowling Gin 1910 photo, various Bowling family biographies, Leon Bowling family photo 1944, Helen Bowling & friends photo - are from the same local history publication.

What is the name of the publication?

When, where & by whom was it published?

Is this publication still available for sale? If yes - can you give me details re: cost, contact info for purchase, etc.

2) "Bowling." Rudy Bowling death notice - news clipping. What newspaper is this from?
Where was the newspaper published?
What date?
If possible - what page?

I think I am good w/ the rest.

Again,Holly - I cannot thank you enough for your research, the time spent on my behalf, & your caring about local history. The data you sent truly helped fill some holes in my family history research.

Warmest regards.