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Ashley Trevino
601 Twin Oaks Drive #1402
Temple, TEXAS 76504

Hello. I would like to know how much it would be to rent out the Buckholts SPJST Hall for my wedding next
August. How much for deposit and how long we are allowed to stay for our reception. Please advise.



Standard reply to Ashley Trevino.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.



Ms. Trevino.

I have three contacts for you which were Lodge officers in the past and reside in the Buckholt's community.

I'm not aware of their current capacity in Buckholt's SPJST Lodge #15. I'm quite sure that one of them will be
able to answer your inquiry. Personally, I would try Doug Williams first since is a very personable and
outgoing gentleman and has been very helpful in assisting the MCHC in answering inquiries in the past. He is
also locally known as the Buckholts historian.

All contact information is derived from the publicly disclosed Red Milam County Telephone Directory:

Doug Williams (past president) (254) 593-2222
Dorothy Tomascik (past vice president) (254) 593-2757
Sandie Fischer (Past secretary and financial secretary) (254) 593-9257

Should you need any further assistance please reply to this email.


Jack Brooks


Ashley Trevino

Mr Brooks, Thank you. I will definitely try to reach out to Doug. I appreciate your help.



Ms. Trevino,

I was just clearing out my open MCHC inquiries and wanted to make sure that Doug, or one of the other SPJST
members, answered you question. Let me know if I need to pursue this further for you.

Jack Brooks