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Kent Fowler
163 Private Road 344
Hondo, TX 78861

I am looking for directions to the Pearson Cemetery in Milam County. Most of my ancestors are buried there
and I would like to get some pictures if possible. If it is on private land nowadays, would you happen to know
the land owner and a way to contact him.

Kent Pearson Fowler



Standard reply sent to Mr Fowler. Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.  I also
contacted Tom Pearson to see if he has any info.

Jerry Caywood

(Tom Pearson advised that he knew nothing about a Pearson Cemetery but was interested in what we find out)



Mr. Fowler,

Attachment #1. Reference is from 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas, Vol. II pg. 844. Thanks
to the kindness of writer Mrs. Norinne Holman.

Attachment # 2. Driving directions to cemetery property from FM 2027 @ Falls/ Milam County line in extreme N/E
Milam County; Take Falls County CR 325 west of FM 2027 for approx. 1/2 mile and turn south on CR 276 and
proceed approx. 2.9 miles until a sharp right in the road. A gate on your left will appear at this location to
enter the property. The cemetery is due east possibly one half mile if appraisal district distance scale is

The cemetery, ID 58895 is 0.5 ac. in size. and is surrounded by ID 25338(216 ac.  Falls County Appraisal
District  shows surrounding property public records ownership as; Margaret Jane
Ellison Kasner,  P.O. Box 436, Rosebud, TX.. No tel. shown. Directory assistance for Rosebud, TX. no help.

It initially appears that your best course of action is to mail a cordial letter to the above address.  An
adjacent property owner I.D. 17151, Charles Ellison residing at 8575 FM 2027 has a listed tel. # that may be
gleaned from directory assistance. He possibly would know of contact information and cemetery location.I hope
this information will assist you in gaining access to the cemetery and that you may pay your respects.

Jack Brooks



Mr. Brooks

I appreciate you taking your time and researching this for me. I was unaware until a few months ago that any
of my Pearson relatives had come to Texas in 1849. Two of the men buried there, James Aaron Pearson and
James Madison Pearson are Confederate veterans. J.M. served in the 12th Regiment, Texas Infantry, and J.A.
was Co. B, First Texas Cavalry. 

I will write Mrs. Kasner and see if she has any objection to me photographing the site.

Again, thank you.

Kent Pearson Fowler
Hondo, Texas



Mr. Fowler, Thanks for sharing a bit of your rich ancestry.  I'll send Mr. Ellison's Tel. # to you in a

If these contacts aren't fruitful for you, let me know and I'll chase down other adjacent property owner
contacts for you.  This general area of Milam County is predominantly ranching/ cattle and some farming. Ms.
Kasner's property is shown unimproved(no home, barn, etc.) according to MCAD. My thought is that possibly an
adjoining property owner might have it leased. This is very common in Milam County. 

Regards, Jack Brooks