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Darrell Stall
Schulenburg, TX

I am looking for a place to donate some family history so memory is preserved in Milam Co.

I can provide copies of photographs and family history for my grandparents who lived in Ben Arnold from around the mid 1920's to 1934.

My dad entered Ben Arnold School speaking only German. We have his school photo and some other family photos - my dad, grandfather and mules with which they plowed land rented from the Lucko (Luchow?) family, my grandmother, dad and brother with T-model that was left on loan to my grandparents to see if they would want to buy it (which they did), Monroe Lucko, wife, and 3 daughters.

Various family members are buried in North Elm Cemetery - George Stall Sr. and Lena Rosenhein Stall
(great-grandparents), George Stall Jr. and Amanda Amalia Boettcher Stall (grandparents), Mathilda and Julius Stall (and son Alfred), Meta Gertrude Rummel and Willie Henry Stall - (great aunts and uncles), and  John F (Fred) Stall (great uncle).



Standard reply to Mr Stall.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.