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Darrell Stall
Schulenburg, TX

I am looking for a place to donate some family history so memory is preserved in Milam Co.

I can provide copies of photographs and family history for my grandparents who lived in Ben Arnold from around the mid 1920's to 1934.

My dad entered Ben Arnold School speaking only German. We have his school photo and some other family photos - my dad, grandfather and mules with which they plowed land rented from the Lucko (Luchow?) family, my grandmother, dad and brother with T-model that was left on loan to my grandparents to see if they would want to buy it (which they did), Monroe Lucko, wife, and 3 daughters.

Various family members are buried in North Elm Cemetery - George Stall Sr. and Lena Rosenhein Stall
(great-grandparents), George Stall Jr. and Amanda Amalia Boettcher Stall (grandparents), Mathilda and Julius Stall (and son Alfred), Meta Gertrude Rummel and Willie Henry Stall - (great aunts and uncles), and  John F (Fred) Stall (great uncle).



Standard reply to Mr Stall.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.


John Brooks <>
Hello, Mr. Stall.
First off, thank you for your thoughtful and generous offer to share your family's heritage and photos with the Milam County Historical Commission(MCHC). Unfortunately, we don't have our own building or regular meeting place for storing archived records. Our bi-monthly meetings are held at various historical locations throughout the county, i.e. churches, historic homes, business's and the like.

When we are offered family records like yours, the Milam County Historical Museum in Cameron is usually happy to receive them. The museum has recently constructed a fireproof vault and has archival approved sleeves for photos and paper records. The person to contact at the museum is Charles King, who may be reached at (254) 697-8963. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm. If volunteers are available on Saturdays, you would need to call ahead to verify their hours.

Mr. Jerry Caywood, our volunteer MCHC website administrator, redistributes inquiries such as yours to all of our members including Mr. King at the Museum. Hopefully he'll see this post and reply.

If I may jump track here, I am also a member of the Milam County Genealogical Society. Our group has monthly genealogical/ historical programs that are presented by members or guests. I would be happy to use your genealogical research material and photos to present a Stall family program to our group.

I did some light research and found very limited information on the internet regarding Ben Arnold. I did take note via your 1999 Ancestry post that you had researched Perry Holders 150 years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas . Mr. Holders daughter, Norinne Holman, updated his work, adding death records and also revisited most of the cemetery's that her father visited and she added new found cemetery's.

Since you referenced the earlier work, I'll list the Stall's that are shown in Mrs. Holman's 170 Years... work, should you not have that information. The MCHC and the MCGS can't thank Mrs. Holman enough for all her research efforts and for allowing us to share this information with our website guests. This information is current up until 2000-2001 when published.

Ben Arnold Cemetery:

       Stall, Meta G. -   w/o Willie H.        1913-1997
              Willie H. - h/o  Meta G.         1909-1995

North Elm Cemetery:
       Amanda B.     w/o George Jr.   1902-?
       George JR.    h/o Amanda B.    1898-1985     Married 10/14/1920
       George Sr.    h/o Lena         1868-1959
       John Fred                      1896-1972     From Death Records
       Lena          w/o George SR.   1871-1951

Porters Chapel Cemetery (Burlington County):
       Joseph        s/o G.& L.       1902-1903

St. Michaels Cemetery (Burlington County):
       Albert W.                      1935-1979

Burlington Cemetery (Burlington County)
       Julius        h/o Mathilda     1907-1985
       Mathilda      w/o Julius       1914-1966

I try to establish a mentorship relationship with a mature, long tenured member of each of the communities in Milam County but I have no contacts in Ben Arnold. It would be interesting to know if more thorough historical records exist locally.


Jack Brooks