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Dottie Clark
PO Box 242
La Pine, Or 97739

I'm looking for a picture of the Milam, Texas Courthouse from April 1920.  This is for my family records. 
My grandparents were married there.

It appears online it might be the red courthouse that was once a jail but I'm not sure. 

I know my grandfather lived in Rockdale but their marriage record online shows they were married in Milam,

Could someone help me figure out which courthouse it was.  It had an arch above the entrance and over the
windows.  If I had an email address I could send a copy of the picture to help identify it but it wouldn't let
me copy it on here.
Thank you very much. 
Dottie Clark



Standard reply to Ms Clark.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.



thank you very much 

Dottie Clark



Hello, Ms. Clark.

I would be happy to provide some photo's for you.

Just for a clarification, the Milam County Courthouse is located in Cameron, TX. There is a Milam, Texas but
it is located in Sabine County.

The red brick jail which you mentioned is the Milam County Historic Jail which was built in 1895 by the Pauley
Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. It was always used as a County jail until it was
replaced by a new County jail in 1975.  It is located in Cameron as well.

An excellent reference, which is available for purchase, is Milam County Courthouse and its People compiled by
Mary Ann Eanes, edited by Preserve Our Past and Milam County Historical Commission. Should you be interested,
it is available for purchase at the Milam County Historical Museum.  Their contact info. as follows;  (254) 697-8963,  112 W. 1st St. Cameron, TX. 76520

The attachments # 1 thru 4 are from the above reference pages 2, 3, 5 and 133 consecutively.

You wrote that there was an arch over the doorways and windows, and only the third floor windows have arches
over the windows. Since you also wrote that your grandfather lived in Rockdale, I wonder if they were possibly
married in the old Rockdale City Hall. It has very dominant arches over the windows and doors as you had
written.  The following article, written by the Rockdale Reporter Newspaper's outstanding Editor/Reporter,
Mike Brown, is a brief history of that building;

This building has been radically remodeled over the years, but here is what it looks like today. 900&fr2=p%3Afp%2Cm%

Ms. Clark, would you compare your photo to attachment # 5 that I just discovered on our MCHC website. If it is
the building in question, you may thank Mr. Jerry Caywood, our website administrator, who was kind enough to
post all of these early photo's to our site. Believe it or not, that is the same building as the earlier
photo's of the police station.

Should the above not be the building in question, I'm at a loss to answer your inquiry. Would you be kind
enough to let us know if we struck pay dirt for you?.

Jack Brooks

1898 Milam County TX Courthouse
Rockdale TX City Hall 1906
1938 Milam County TX Courthouse
1968 Milam County TX Courthouse
2002 Milam County TX Courthouse