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Carolyn Gil Ramirez
225 Firwood n
Kyle, Tx 78640

Trying to find some information on my grandmother Dominga Rodriguez  who we know nothing about, only name,
from my Mom's birth certificate... Searching for family members from my Mom's family, my Mom is no longer with
us and we have very little information on my Mom's side...

Looking for a funerals homes name. Please we would appreciate any or all information you can provide me with.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can reach me at 512-6one9-48zero0

Carolyn Gil Ramirez



Standard reply to Ms Ramirez and email forwarded to MCHC members, Milam County Genealogical Society members
and others interested in MC history.



Ms Ramirez,

I found a Dominga C. Rodriguez, 22 yrs. of age (1907-1929) interred in the F. A. Hernandez Cemetery located in
Cameron, Texas. I referenced Ms. Norinne Holman's 170 years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas, Vol.
II p. 360 and 367. See attachment #1. Should this be your grandmother who passed away very early in life, the
photo taken by the courtesy of Karen Neal Morey certainly compliments her beauty. See attachment # 2.

Find a Grave  website;

Possibly some of the other Rodriguez's listed in attachment #1 may be related as well?. 

Attachment #3 is a current listing of Rodriguez's residing in Milam County and listed in the Red Telephone

Attachment #4 is the Death Certificate that I was able to reference and noted that she was married.

I was unable to zoom in enough on the headstone to confirm the exact day and month of birth and death. 

I was unable to find any newspaper articles in the local Rockdale Reporter or Cameron Herald regarding Dominga
via There is a possibility that a obituary was published, but the micro-tape archives in the
Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale would have to be researched.

Green Funeral Home, Now Green Patterson Funeral home, may have performed the funeral service. Past inquiry
assistance has been limited.

I sincerely hope that the above information has assisted you.

Respectfully, Jack Brooks   


Milam County - F.A. Fernandez Cemetery
Rodriguez in Milam County, TX
Dominga Rodriguez
Images courtesy of Jack Brooks
Rodriguez in Milam County TX
Dominga Rodgiguez