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Bryan Maurantonio

Can you please point me in the direction of any information on the Sharp School? I知 looking for its history
and any information that might list the students who attended.

Thank you,

Bryan Maurantonio
My family names are Gamble and Hammonds



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Hi Jerry,

I知 still doing family research and wanted to ask for your assistance once again.

I知 coming down to San Gabriel on Monday, and wanted to see if I could find my family痴 residences or
locations where they lived. The Family names are Gamble and Hammonds (spelled many different ways). I have
the 1930 and 1940 U.S. Census Enumerations District (ED) maps where they were located at that time.
Unfortunately, I知 having trouble locating this areas on modern maps, and I知 not familiar with the area..

Attached are two census maps from the periods, 1930 and 1940. In the 1930 map, they are located in ED 166-18,
1940,  246-9.

Do they look familiar to you in any way?

Thanks again for your help.

Bryan Maurantonio



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Jerry Caywood


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Hi Bryan,

I am probably the least qualified MCHC member to answer your particular question regarding the Sharp school, but I'll share what I do know with you.

The school is presently owned by Mr. Gene Luckey who lives less than a block away from the school.

I know Mr. Luckey from his past kindness by assisting me with WWII-related MCHC inquiries. He is one of the few remaining 'Greatest Generation' veterans of the Battle of Iwo Jima (where he was wounded). His tel. number is publicly listed in the Milam County Red Telephone book, but I will share it with you in a private post.

I'm not sure if a reunion was held last year, but in the past they have been held on the school grounds and occasionally in Buckholts. When these are held, the alumni bring photos and memorabilia for the group to enjoy. If they have a reunion planned, you might consider attending to get a feel for your ancestors community. Many of the families in this community have lived here for many generations.

My wife Beth, who is not an alumni, just informed me that the school Facebook page is: Sharp High School Exes.

Your best contact there would probably be the three website administrators who are Gwen Schwartz and James and Nancy Taylor. Beth believes that the Facebook page will probably be your best resource for any questions that you may have.

If you'd like an interesting side bar, one of the teachers that taught at Sharp in 1938, Mrs. Lohma Davis, is around 102 years of age. She is one of my mentors in this community and assists me in answering inquiries on occasion.

The above seniors are a treasured resource and know of things in the Sharp community that you'll never find in a history book.

'Commemorating the Sharp School' by Clay Coppedge/Temple Daily Telegram - 2016-08-26


Jack Brooks