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Garland R. Lively
193 HCR 2201
Aquilla, Texas 76622

My name is Garland R. Lively and I am a member of the Bosque County Historical Commission and for the past several years I have been working with members of the Hill County and Bell County Historical Commissions researching the early settlement of the Brazos River between the Falls of the Brazos and Fort Graham.

We have recently focused our efforts on the settlement of the the Falls of the Brazos.  We are extremely interested in soliciting the support of both the Falls County, Milam County, and McLennan County Historical Commissions.

If there is any interest in actively participating in this intensive research effort, please contact me.

Thanks, for your consideration.

Garland Lively


Standard reply to Mr Lively.  Email forwarded to MCHC members, MCGS and other interested persons.