PRESERVATION TRUST FUND

The Milam County Historical Commission (MCHC) small grant program is able to fund worthwhile preservation projects in Milam County that meet established criteria designated by the Milam County Historical Commission.

In general, Milam County preservation grants may be made to any public, non-profit or  private entity that is the owner, manager, lessee, maintainer, potential purchaser of an eligible property, or any public, CLG, non-profit or private entity whose purpose includes historic preservation.  The entity must be in good standing with the community as well as have a record of financial stability.  The types of Preservation Grants include the following:

•Development, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction which includes the costs of construction and related expenses approved by MCHC.  Any cost necessary for the stabilization or repair of damage sustained at a site of historic significance or for protective measures for the site; or historical designation/marker; or

•Acquisition of absolute ownership of eligible historic resources, artifacts or properties and related costs and professional fees; or

•Planning costs necessary for the preparation of property specific historic structure reports, historic or culture resource reports, preservation plans, maintenance studies, resource surveys, local and regional preservation plans or surveys, and/or feasibility studies.

The Milam County Preservation Trust is a reimbursement matching grant.  The grant is based on dollar for dollar reimbursement or “In Kind” reimbursement for projected value of hours/labor spent on project.  The “In Kind” reimbursement for hours/labor is not available for historical marker grants. Grant monies will be dispersed only after approved costs have been expended and documentation of such is presented to the commission.  Reimbursement or funding of grant monies must be applied for by December 15 of same year of application and notification.  Any extension of this time frame must be approved by the MCHC Executive Committee.

If the applicant is not the owner of the historic property, then the owner must be fully aware of the application and agree to the terms and conditions of the Milam County Historical Commission’s grant program as indicated by a letter to the commission with a witnessed signature of the owner.  This letter must accompany the grant application.

Be aware that a project may be denied, even if it meets the grant program’s criteria, because the demand far surpasses the availability of funds.  A Preservation Grant Committee will be appointed by the Milam County Historical Commission’s Executive
Committee to review grant applications and to make recommendations to the MCHC Executive Committee on the projects that the Preservation Grant Committee feels should receive grants.  The Executive committee will make the final decision on approved applicants based on the Preservation Grant Committee’s recommendations.  In addition to the Preservation Grant Committee’s review of the written application, the grant committee reserves the right to request and schedule an interview with the applicant regarding the specific project.

Applications will be reviewed once per year.  Applications must be
submitted by January 15, 2019.  Applicants will be notified as to whether
or not they receive an award or grant by March 1st.
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2019 Applications are available in Cameron at the Office of the County Judge and in Rockdale at Rainbow Courts.

Or request an application by email:

due January 15, 2019