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WHERE IS IT? - The Milam County Historical Commission has received
an inquiry wanting to know the name of this church, supposedly
located in the county, according to Jack Brooks, spokesman.. We
cannot determine where it was, or is, located, he said, A cursory
research has come up empty handed. If anyone knows, please reply
via http://www.milamcountyhistoricalcommission. org/contact.php

Rockdale Reporter - 2015-02-19


We have received leads on the possible locations of this church:
Suggested by Joy Graham:
-- Old St Paul's Church in Thorndale
-- Bushdale Church

Suggested by Gracie Fuessel:
-- May be Liberty Hill church (no longer standing)

Suggested by James Bradford:
-- "I was born and grew up in the Liberty Hill Community (south of
Apache Pass).  I don't believe this is a photo of the church in the
Liberty Hill Community.  There was an old church that built in the
1800's.  I remember the old church very well.  The old church was
torn down and rebuilt in 1961.  My parents played a big part in
rebuilding the church, including pulling out all the nails from the
old church.  The church that was built in 1961 was burned down
summer of 1986 by arsonist. I do have a picture and oil painting of
the last church that was built in 1961."
James Bradford

Suggested by Brad Allen:
-- Valverde - on right just before Bryant Station Bridge


unknown church - Milam County, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Fussel and others, Thank you very much for your reply. I'm aware of two churches that are in that
general vicinity and a third considerably farther south east toward Rockdale, just off FM 908.


2. Lebanon Methodist Episcopal Church South. See Attachment #1.

3. Peace Lutheran Church. James Bradford was kind enough to share his memories of the Liberty Hill Springfield
Baptist Church(1).See below. 

RE James Bradford email: Joy Graham, one of our most knowledgeable Milam County historians, replied that the
photo strongly resembled the Peace Lutheran Church in Bushdale. She had submitted the application for the THC
HTC designation and the reason for the Bushdale Cemetery Historical marker that exists today. This just goes to
show how basically similar many of these rural community Churches were. The following is another reply which I
hope to check out tomorrow.
Thank you for your insight Mr. Allen. This will be a treat, something to see, since the other Church's
mentioned no longer exist.

Regards and "Thanks" to all who have contributed.
Sincerely, Jack Brooks


Thanks to all who have responded!  The 'pooling' of our memories helps preserve our history!

Below is a photo of the abandoned Valverde Church that is located off eastbound CR 406 as reported by Brad
Allen. It is on the right hand (south) side of the road before you get to  the Bryant Station Bridge. Mr.
Kinder Chambers, a long time resident of the Bryant Station community confirmed that it was the only Church in
the vicinity.

Another "sighting" of the Church was reported by a Mr. Michael Rydell of the Davilla Community. He stated that
he believes the photo is of the old Davilla Baptist Church. A newer Church now sits on the previous site. The
original Church was built in 1871 and served the congregation well, until 1992 when the New church was built. I left a note on the locked
church door to see if the pastor might have a past photograph to compare. A THC marker is on site in front of
the Church. Regards, Jack Brooks

Valverde Church