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Ann Trotter
Spring, TX  77379

Is SugarLoaf Mountain public or private property?  It has always been public i hear people saying it is recently become private.  if this is true, how and when did it become private...? 

thank you!

Ann Trotter


Ms Trotter,

Thank you for contacting the Milam County Historical Commission.
I have forwarded your email to the MCHC members and others interested in Milam County history.

You should be hearing from some of them shortly.

I believe Sugarloaf Mountain has always been privately owned but access was okay with the owners.  I have heard lately that the now owners take a different view on visitors.

I'm sure some of the members will have more updated info.

Thank you

Jerry Caywood
MCHC Web Administrator



Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.



It has always been private but lots of people trespass.  Just don’t get caught…saw a sheriff report in the paper in the last few weeks about a report of trespass on Sugar Loaf.

Holly Jentsch

I forwarded email to Ms Trotter - JAC