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Received via Website

Steve Sandifer
12027 Mulholland Drive
Meadows Place, Texas 77477

The Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society is producing a book on Santa Fe Railway Livestock
Operations. We are seeking materials to assist in this production. These would include:

- Livestock shipping contracts
- Conductors Records of cars in trains (also known as wheel reports)
- Livestock feeding station records
- Drawings of ATSF stock cars and stock pens
- Photos of ATSF stock cars and stock pens
- Information / train orders related to providing water, feed, bedding or repair for livestock shipping.
- Oral or written histories related to the shipping of livestock
- Brochures / advertising regarding livestock shipping
- Information on non-ATSF cars being utilized on ATSF lines
- Photos or information on the use of stock cars for dead freight shipments: watermelons, bricks, lumber,
grain, etc.

Livestock would include cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, goats and other animals shipped by rail. It also would
include show animals and racehorses usually shipped in passenger consists.

If you have any information in your collection or know of a depository I should contact, please let me know.

J. Stephen Sandifer



Standard reply sent to Mr Sandifer and email forwarded to MCHC members and others.