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Margaret Kaufmann
1637 Belvedere Place
Round Rock, TX 78665
I am a Realtor with JB Goodwin, and have a client interested in the home at 410 W. 4th Street, Cameron TX.  I am having trouble finding any historic info on the home.  He is looking to purchase, but would love some info on when/who/events, etc of the homes background.  Any help you can give me??
Thank you, Margaret


Std email sent to Margaret.  Email forwarded to MCHC members.


John Brooks
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 18:40:08 -0400
Hi Margaret,
It has been a pleasure talking with you during our past two telephone conversations. I believe that I'm now able to assist you, but only because of the mentorship of a fellow MCHC member, Mrs. Delores Mode and a newfound friend and Historian with the Cameron History Club, a Ms. Marion Travis.

This has been one of my more interesting inquiries to research, since I had the information that you needed, but I was unable to make sense of it without the above ladies help.

I believe that our first order of business is to read attachment number one which will help the reader understand the history and lineage of the Henderson family. I might add that John B. Henderson Jr., and his family, also resided in the home at one time. Mr. John B. Henderson Jr. and wife now live off 7th St. in Cameron.
Reference is: Matchless Milam, History of Milam County. Compiled and edited by Milam County Heritage Preservation Society. Page 122.
If you will now look at attachment number two, you'll see a small photograph, in the middle of the page, of what the home looks like today. There has been a considerable amount of restoration work performed recently, as you already know. Unfortunately, I am no expert on architecture, but in my eyes, I would call this Colonial. Same reference as above, page 10.

Last but not least, please see attachment number three. I intentionally left it in Profile instead of landscape for enlargement purposes. You may care to print for convenience.The reference is as stated on the page.
Here is where my confusion started and where the kind ladies listed above, clarified my thinking. If you'll note the bottom right photo, you'll see the T.S. Henderson residence. You'll then read where it was converted from Italianate Villa style to Greek Revival. Again, as a layman of architecture, both Colonial and Greek have heroic columns. Please see; .

Now back to reference number one, where it is stated "The home was built in the 1870's by Major Richard Lyles and is considered to be the oldest southern colonial home in Cameron. I thought that these were two separate homes on Fourth Street in Cameron. One Greek Revival and the other Colonial. During our telephone conversation you felt that the home was originally constructed as Colonial and never converted due to the perfect detail. That further made me believe that there must have been two different homes on Fourth Street. Ms. Travis assured me, as historian and tenured member of the Cameron History Club, and a long term Cameron resident, that there was only one house and it made this almost unbelievable transformation as pictured. That, Paul Harvey would say "Is the rest of the story". Enjoy!. Sincerely,  Jack Brooks
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