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Raymond Keller III
4800 Whitesburg Dr SE, #30-195
Huntsville, AL 35802

I am trying to acquire (or borrow) a copy of History of Milam County, Texas by my great aunt, Lelia
McAnally Batte.   Any ideas on where I might buy (or borrow) a copy?  Any help will be appreciated

Raymond Keller III  (great grandson of Oscar Fides McAnally)


Standard reply to Mr Keller. Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in M.C. history.


Mr Keller,I can't guarantee this but I believe there is a copy for sale on Amazon.

Jerry Caywood



I had requests on and for several months until one became available.  I had never been
able to find a new copy so this may be a possibility for them...

Joyce Dalley


Mr. Keller,

I, like you, would like to have a copy of that very same book. It just might be available in the near future.

Charles King, the Director of the Milam County Historical Museum is currently working toward that goal. A
grant source approached Mr. King a few months back offering funding for a cause that the museum felt worthy.
He thought that the Batte book's re-publishing was that cause. If I'm not mistaken, its been out of print
since 1956.  The Cameron Public Library treats their copy like gold, and one sometimes has to ask for it if
it's put away. I'm sure that their very helpful librarian, Marie Christopher would be happy to set you up with
their Xerox machine should you care to print it page by page if that's necessary. There is a customary charge
per page but I don't recall the cost.

Mr. King has been doing extensive research to make sure that no one has printing/copy-write rights after all
these years. It has been about a month since I've spoken to him about the subject. I would recommend calling
Mr. King at the Museum Tuesday thru Friday, from 9 A.M. to about 4 P.M. The Museum telephone # is
(254) 697-8963.

There is also considerable Batte family literature and memorabilia in the museum. Charles also carries a great
deal of the same around in his head.

The MCHC received an unrelated Batte town inquiry recently that you might also find interesting. You will need
to scroll down the page to read that article;

I had the honor of meeting the late R. L. Batte III while researching that inquiry.

If you'll go to our website and use Leila Batte in the search box
you'll find numerous other articles relating to Ms. Batte.

Jack Brooks