Received 2013-06-30
Beverly Dizzine
My husband, Ralph and I live on the property where
Sand Point Cemetery is located.  This cemetery is in very poor condition - we have been working on it but wondering if anyone can help us out.  We are also looking for a list of people that are buried there or any information anyone can give us regarding the cemetery.
(reply:  I forwarded listing of burials - if anyone has info or ideas re clean-up, please contact Ms Dizzine.  They have replaced the fencing and gate but seek help (physical and financial) with repairing broken stones, resetting markers, upkeep, etc.
See Sand Point Cemetery for more info and photos)

received 2013-07-03
David E Hairston
3215 Carlisle St, 223, Dallas, TX 75204
I am trying to find information on the
Hairston Family.  Specifically James Jefferson (1848-1930).  His son Richard Allen Hairston, Commissioner (1874-1948).
What resources do you all have that could help.  I can drive there in the next two weeks.
(reply: I gave info from "170 Years of Cemetery Records...", and advised to post on rootsweb and contact MCGS.)************************************************************************************************

received 2013-07-06
Diana Mumford Cofer
6505 Huber Rd., Seguin, TX 78155
Jesse and David
Mumford were both given land grants in Milam county for fighting in the Texas Revolution.  Both fought for the Robertson's Rangers (first Texas Rangers) after the war. While they were away, squatters came on their land and they did not chase them away because they both had land in Mumford Texas.  Later, relatives tried to get the land back, going all the way to the supreme court...but because they had not chased them away, they lost their land.  There is another worse story of how the family lost its land in Mumford ...but since that does not apply to Milam county, there ends my tale.

received 2013-07-15
Thomas Taroni
905 Magnolia Street
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566
Comments : I am looking on information on my Great grand-Uncle
Solomon Francis Hughes who was a physician in Ben Arnold according to the 1900 Census. His wife was Alice, and had a daughter Bertha and son Grady.
(reply: I advised him no record of his family in the 170 Years of Cemetery Records...". I suggested he post on rootsweb

received 2013-07-27
Ricky Baggerly
401 SW HK Dodgen Loop # 131
Temple, Texas 76502
Looking for grave site of
John G Nettle. His widows Civil War Pension application shows he died 29 August 1917 in Milano Junction.So far I haven't been able to find him.He is my great great great grandfather.
(reply:  I advised him that no listing for John G. Nettle nor any Nettle in the '170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam Cy, TX"}
His reply: Thanks for looking so quickly. Things that I do know is 1900 census record show he lived Justice Precinct 4 (all east of Holtzclaw/Rockdale city rd. & north of I&GN r.r. excl. Rockdale city), Milam, Texas.He was also in Milam county in  1870 census.I also have learned that he was a  poor farmer so he may be in an unmarked grave somewhere in the area and may never be found.Thanks again
2014-01-17: Good evening Mr. Baggerly,
While researching another inquiry, I thought I'd take your "cold case file" with me. Charles and Marie Hubert from the Milam County Genealogical society hold death record books from 1900 thru 1935. They said that they have no record of a death certificate. I then went to the Milam County, County Clerks office in Cameron in search of the same, and Linda, there, told me the same, no death certificate on file. Death certificates have been required by law since 1903 in the state of Texas. That is not to say that one was never issued, it could have gotten lost, stray or stolen. How is it, that the cold case guys on TV, always get their man. Good luck on turning something up regarding Mr. Nettle.  Respectfully, Jack Brooks


Dennis Rischar
3321 Wynridge Road
Quincy, IL 62305
I am inquiring about
St. Edwards Hospital Rischar Memorial.  I am the Great Great nephew of Dr. Eduard Rischar who owned and operated the hospital from 1914-1946.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You
(I advised him to post on rootsweb -
If anyone has information, please contact him and copy me)

received 2013-08-24
Robert Haase
238 North Shaffer Hill Road
Cogan Station, PA  17728
I am trying to find information about my mother
Mary Francis White - (Father Jefferson B. White and Mother Leona Mary Gillespie) formerly of Cameron, Texas. My mom has passed but I remember her being asked to come to the re-dedication of the county court house and the Ben Milam statue in the 70's as the last female relative of Ben. I cannot find a link and I thought that someone must have checked the lineage at some time. J. B. was editor of the Cameron Herald from the 30's to the 50's. I appreciate any information you can provide.
Reply:  I advised him I would seek info from MCHC members.

received 2013-09-26
Amber Selfridge Donnell
902 Arlington Center pmb 309
ADA, OK 74820
I would like to know where the quiet grave of
Stephen Slator is located.  I am a Great x4 Granddaughter.  Thank you.
Reply: I find that S. T. Slator is buried in the Sharp Cemetery. There is a concrete slab and shows 1815-1884 (however, research shows DOB may have been 1816) - this info from "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam Cy."

received 2013-09-26
(Name/Address withheld)
Info sought on gravesite of
Robert Wooding Chappell. He died in Milam County in 1860".
Reply: I checked the records of "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, TX" by Norinne Holder Holman but I find only one Chapel shown to be buried in Milam County - Roberta Jane Chappell - died  1999 - 'cremated, 70 y."  The cemetery is unknown - which means the info came from historical documents and books, interviews with family members, Death Records, and other sources.
There is one Chappel buried in Cameron Rest Cemetery: James Anna Chappel - (Neal) - 1917-1987.
I would also suggest that you post your request at
Thank you. This is one of my 4th great grandfathers. I stopped one day on my way to Waco and browsed the main cemetery at Cameron. I'm not sure now why I assumed he died at Cameron and of course that doesn't mean he is buried there. Then I ran across more family buried in Murray Cemetery at Rockdale so I decided he could have been deposited anywhere. The census shows him to be fairly wealthy so he probably has a prominent marker somewhere. I'll post my request on those two links.*************************************************************************************************

received 2013-10-22
Laura Bruns
420 Wando Park Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
843-8five3-20seven0 x196

Iím hoping you can point me in the right direction. My name is Laura Bruns, and I am the editor of Texas titles for Arcadia Publishing. We are very interested in documenting the rich
history of Cameron and would like partner with a local historian or community organization to author a title in our popular Images of America series. Is this of interest to you? Or, is there an individual you might suggest I contact to discuss such a project?

Arcadia Publishing is North Americaís leading publisher of photographic history books. Since 1993, we have been partnering with historical societies, community organizations, and locally-connected individuals to create accessible and affordable photographic histories.

I encourage you to visit our website,, to explore our new titles and learn more about our company. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more, and I will be delighted to send you some detailed information and a sample book.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Warm regards,
Laura Bruns
Acquisitions Editor
Arcadia Publishing
ph: 843.853.2070 x196 and fax: 843.853.0044
Explore more than 8,500 titles at
(emailed to MCHC members)

received 2013-11-06
Alysha Godfrey
1552 CR 267
Cameron, TX 76520
We are putting on a week long
Aquaponic Training course at Sand Creek Farm the week of Jan 13, 2014.  We are located about 15 miles from Cameron in Jones Prairie, TX.  We would like to list all of the operating B&B's in Cameron as an option of places to stay to our 60 class participants.  Could you put me in touch with the home owners that have turned their historic homes into B&B's?
Thank you,
Alysha Godfrey
(reply: email forwarded to MCHC members)

received 2013-11-09
Linda Ponder
601 Green Meadow ST N
Colleyville, TX 76034
I have volumes 1 and 2 of
"170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas" but don't have the index. Do you know if the index is still available for purchase? >Thanks for your help.
(Reply:You might try to obtain one from Norinne Holder Holman - she and her father put this entire collection together.  Her email is
I do not know Ms Holman so I'm not sure that is still a valid email address.)

received 2013-11-14
John T (Ted) Whatley
2909 West 35th St.
Austin, Texas 78703
Comments : Could you direct me to someone who might help me find my grandfather
Archibald H Whatley's grave?  He died at Rockwell in 1918, and I believe his sister was a Longmire. Gratefully,
Ted Whatley
reply:I just happened to notice your post on the Milam County Historical Commissions web site dated 11/14/2013.  In the event that another member has already responded, please overlook this redundancy.  Mr. Perry Holders and Ms. Norrine Holmans book "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam county Texas" show an A. H. Whatley , a doctor, born 1865, died 1918, interred in the Harmony Cemetery. It appears that a physical headstone still remains, since this information was taken from a physical inventory (year 2000) and not from death records.
My wife and I recently (3 months ago) visited this cemetery and we can state that it is well maintained. The only issues that came to mind, was that the recent droughts have caused large trees bordering the cemetery to die and they have fallen and damaged the perimeter fence in numerous locations.  Since you live a modest distance from this cemetery, the driving directions from Rockdale are as follows:
From the intersection of Hwy 79 and Farm to Market Road 908, proceed south on FM 908 for about two and one-half miles to CR 318 and turn to the left on CR 318 (east). In about a mile, at the intersection of CR 320, turn to the right (south) and proceed on CR 320 for one and one-half miles. The Harmony Cemetery will be on your right.
Ms. Holman states " Mrs. Kittie Schneebeli believes that John R. Foster gave one acre of land for a church and cemetery in either 1875 or 1882. When the Church building was sold (no longer on site), the proceeds were used for the upkeep of the cemetery".
The cemetery association periodically has cemetery workdays, and I remember one being held 3 or 4 months ago. If you would be interested in contributing to the association or maybe helping during one of the workdays, you may contact Ms. Kittie Schneebeli . Address 765 CR 324, Rockdale, TX 76567.  Tel 512-446-3678. Personally, my wife and I feel that there is no better way to honor your heritage and ancestry than to maintain one's family plots. We find it a very rewarding experience.
I also noted other Whatley's interred in Milam County, again from Ms. Holman's wonderful books. In Oak Hill Cemetery in Cameron; Imogene L. 1914-2000/ Nannie L. 1882-1965/ William T. Jr. 1909-1960 and William T. SR.1879-1951. Lastly in Bell County, in Rogers Cemetery, a J.G. Whatley 1878-1898.
If you would like a photo of Archibald H. Whatley's headstone, and possibly his obituary, from the Rockdale Reporters micro-tape archives (if legible) please reply to this email and hopefully I'll be able to accommodate you. There are no fees involved unless you would like to have a copy of a death certificate(approx. $25), which the Milam County Clerks office would have to handle for you (if it is available).  Respectfully, Jack Brooks.
Harmony Cemetery
rec'd: 18 Jan 2014  Dear Mr. Brooks, I am humbly grateful to you for the information about my grandfather's grave and the Harmony Cemetery.  And I will be in touch with them right away with a contribution to their efforts.  And I plan to visit the cemetery February and my hope in the future to make contact with his and Mrs. Longmire's family.  I knew one of them when I was a child--Tracy Longmire.  He finished his naval career in Austin in 1942, heading up the Navy recruiting station here.  He let me visit often and just hang out during the recruiting process.  I was a nine year old completely absorbed in World War II. I hope to meet you sometime as well.  Your kindness is phenomenal and you've given me so much useful information.  By the way, what is your mailing address? Very sincerely,  Ted Whatley
2014-01-18 - Good evening Mr. Whatley,
Thank you for your kind words. It has been the Milam County Historical Commission's pleasure to be of assistance to you. Also, thanks for sharing some of your childhood memories. Sometimes, while researching these queries, one can be separated from the personal aspects while searching for the "cold hard facts".
I found no listed Longmire's in the Milam County Red (tel.) Book.
I did note that there is a Tracy Longmire (1898-1984) interred in the International Order of Odd Fellows(IOOF) Cemetery in Rockdale, TX. If this is the same gentleman that you spoke of, and care to pay your respects this Feb. , this cemetery has over 2600 persons interred. Possibly our helpful Phillips and Luckey Funeral Home might have an index, or an IOOF Chapter have records of section and plot. Phillips and Luckey tel. 512-446-5454.
We are very fortunate that a Mr. Perry Holder and his daughter Ms. Norinne Holder Holman dedicated a significant portion of their lives' to inventory 235 cemetery's in Milam County and close adjacent borders. It makes us appear "rocket scientists", only because of their hard work and dedication. Those of us who attempt to be students of history and genealogy are forever in their debt when records like this are needed.
If we can be of future assistance please feel free to call on us.
If you don't mind, I would like to share your email with two other behind the scenes "teammates". One, Mr. Jerry Caywood who is our webmaster who receives, often time answers, and/or forwards queries to the membership. Two, Ms. Norinne Holman, whose books are our "lifeline". 
I, too, hope that we may "cross paths" in the future. Respectfully, Jack Brooks 2300 Bel Air Dr. Taylor TX 76574

received 2013-11-19
(see email received 2013-05-13)

I finally had some time and went to the
Hirt - Braun Cemetery, AKA Brown Cemetery. On the website I sent you for the cemetery the in pic with all the stones in it you see two sets of stones with crosses. The set to the right are tilted in the pic. Well when we showed up they were down, looks like for awhile already. Those stone are my gg-grandparent's stones. I was wondering what I can do to get them back upright, and attach them back to the bases, and attach the crosses back onto them? Do you have anyway of knowing what I can do?
reply: If anyone has info re repair of stones, please reply to:
Charlotte Wilhelm
Manor, Texas 78653
REPLY 2014-01-15: Fear not Ms. Wilhelm, we're here to the rescue. Due to the neglect, we're going to have to clear the grounds of underbrush and fallen trees before we can get the mini-crane in there to lift the 300-400 lb. dies to reattach them. The bases need to be stabilized and leveled prior to that and then each section epoxied with the crosses as the finishing touch.
We cut up most of the downed trees this afternoon and did a considerable amount of mowing. Once we get the tree cuttings to a compost/ burn pile and out of the way, we then can get started on re-erecting your monuments.
We have another volunteer project that we've been working on that had over 40 markers that needed re-erecting and some weighing up to 900lbs.(obelisk's). Plus it is over 2 acres, so your 150' x 125' cemetery is a "cake walk". We should be able to "knock it out" for you in just a few days.
I also have obituary's for both Joseph and Bertha Hirt from the Rockdale Reporters micro-tape archives in the Lucy Patterson library in Rockdale, TX. I'll post them later for you, if you would like.
Attached are a few photo's of what we're initially dealing with. Since you've been out there, you'll understand.
This time of year, snakes are less of an issue, but not completely eliminated. We need to get it all cleared so that we can be aware of our surroundings. We hate "surprise's".
Respectfully, Jack & Beth Brooks

received 2013-11-20
43124 Icehollow Trail
Callahan, FL 32011
Your museum seems to be the only place I am able to find that has a
Kenwood Cane Mill.  I have one myself from 1896.  Can you give me some information on this mill or where I may be able to acquire the information.  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
(I forwarded email to MCHC members & Charles King)


received 2013-12-07
Sheron Farley
1509 stella st
Fort Worth, TX  76104
Comments : I am looking for information the
1st chief justice of Milam County, he died in 1882. Also, looking for information around 1925 (??) on the Matlock Grant. Thank you!
(I forwarded email to MCHC members)

received 2013-12-09
Jason Miller
9657 CR 342
Milano, Texas  76556
My name is Jason, I am a
paranormal investigator and communicator (sensitive) who lives here in Milano,Tx.

I would love the opportunity to work with the Milam County Historical Commission.

I am currently awaiting some replacement equipment that will be arriving this week,I am planning to investigate the Smyrna Cemetery within the next 2 weeks.I am planning a daytime and nighttime investigation of the Cemetery.

If you can please e-mail me any historical information on the Smyrna Cemetery,that might give me a little more insight on the property for my investigations, I would be most great-full.

My methods of investigation are to try to communicate with any spirits which may reside in a location,I do NOT go hunting for ghosts, nor do I disrespect the dead by taunting them. I use my equipment to communicate with any spirits willing to speak to me,or revile themselves to me in my documentational video and audio equipment. 

Please give me an e-mail address that I may send copies of my findings, photos, film and audio files to.

If there are any other locations you would like me to investigate for you, please let me know.
I do not charge for my services,I only ask any and all clients to aid me with travel expenses.(but not required)

Thank you,
Jason Miller
Para-Comm Investigations
(reply: I forwarded email to all MCHC members)

received 2013-12-16
Kendal King
Address : 1925 Central
Kansas City, MO  64108
We have been researching our ancestors
Hugh Brevard King and son william Alpheus King who came to Texas in 1839 and settled in what is now Burleson County along the Brazos River. This was part of the Milam District at the time.  William A was appointed the 2nd chief Justice of Milam County Court.

Hugh B King died in 1843. We assume his will would have been probated in the Milam courthouse that burned down in 1874.  Since he died in what would later become Burleson County is there any history suggesting that any records were transferred there before the courthouse fire?

Also we are looking for any land ownership map from the 1840s along the Brazos.  We are asking Burleson Historical Society for this as well.  Anything relating to Hugh B or William A King in your archives?
(email forwarded to all MCHC members)
reply rec'd 2013-12-20
Kendal King <KKing(AT)kendalking(DOT)com>
Jerry, Thank you so much for your throwing out the information net.  I have also been in contact with the Burleson County Historical group and amazingly they found Hugh Brevard's will and deed for land purchased in 1843 and are mailing copies to me.  The deed was a Milam deed I'm told for 555 acres.  The records relating to Burleson must have been transferred before the Milam Courthouse fire.
We are still hoping to find a map of Hugh's and his son William A King's tracts.
Enjoy your holidays,
If you are interested in any King history at the time when Burleson was a part of Milam let me know.  The most interesting event is quite a narrative on Hugh's son Rufus and his close call when the Indians raided Nashville.
Best Personal Regards, Kendal
reply: "we would like to have any information re: Milam County History for the website"

received 2013-12-30
Wilda Pullin
15486 C.R 304
Navasota, Texas 77868
Comments: I am trying to find information on my Grandfather,
W. Ed Murray,who died in 1929. According to his death certificate that I found he was an inmate of the Milam County Farm is what is stated on it. And on another part of the death certificate it say he was a residence of the County Poor Farm. Unfortunately he was buired in a Paupers grave. I was wondering if there was a way that I might be able to find out more information on what this poor farm was and how he became an inmate. According to his death certificate he had a knife wound to his chest, diaphram and liver, he died at the Cameron hospital the next day. I also found a paper from the Bureau of the Census that Green Funeral Home must have taken care of the burial. And the funeral home add " This man was an inmate of County Home"
reply:email forward to MCHC members.  I checked the "170 Years of Milam County Burials" but found no match. I advise Ms Pullin and suggested she post on
reply: Thank you so very much for your time I am very greatful for all of your help. I will most definitely post my information. Thanks again, Wilda
Reply from Jack Brooks - MCHC: "Good evening Ms. Pullin,  Regarding your inquiry dealing with your maternal grandfather, this is what I have been able to uncover to date.
First off, we now know the proper name of his residence, The Milam County Colony for the Poor. Also we now know that the term "inmate" was used for residents there and it was not a matter of incarceration as the name might imply. Your question asking how your grandfather became an inmate, I believe was based on your thought of incarceration and not poverty. Unfortunately, I believe that answer is painfully obvious. This was further confirmed by Eugene Mitchan, a mature, long time resident of Cameron who stated, from memory, that there were no fences and the residents could be seen wandering the grounds. He also said that there was a large garden on the property since the colony grew all their own produce. Mr. Troy Mode confirmed in 1999 that the cemetery was on the "Colony" grounds and no vestiges of the "Colony" remain except for the one grave of W. J. McDonald(1860-1924) which is enclosed in a small wrought iron fence. I believe this might be better described as a paupers field type burial. This "cemetery" is slightly east of the middle of O.J. Thomas City Park and is easily seen on the right side of the entry road about 800 feet in from the street. All the underbrush shown in the Google Earth view attachment, where I point to the cemetery, has now been pushed into a large pile about 300 feet away, so the lone remaining plot stands out like a beacon marking the burial ground.
Perry Holder/ Norinne Holman's "170 Years of Cemetery Record in Milam County, Texas" does not show your grandfather interred in the "Poor Farm Cemetery-Cameron". Since his death certificate shows him interred there, I, personally, believe that that is where his remains reside. I have found numerous errors in the last 6 months in numerous cemetery's due to errors in the records, or lack thereof  and not necessarily Ms. Holman's books.
The Green Funeral Home is now the Green Patterson Mortuary and has been in business in Cameron for over 100 years. Having "run this rabbit" once before, for a 1930 death, sometimes it is as simple and straight-forward as a death certificate, a digger from a funeral home, a coffin from Coleman Eplin( a furniture company who made the coffins in their woodworking shop) and a City cemetery. An indigent deceased could be interred within 4 hours of their death in ideal conditions. It was explained to me, by a mature member of the local community, that often times during the depression, many were buried ingloriously in the fence rows of the pasture. No one had money and you had to do what you had to do. He further stated that "those were different times". 
The attachment regarding Mr. Murray's death and disposition of his murderer were obtained from The Cameron Herald micro tapes located in the Lucy Patterson library in Rockdale, TX. I apologize for the poor quality, but am thankful to have what information that we could glean from them. The lower half of a considerable amount of this micro-tape was faded out and illegible.
I was unable to find an obituary, no matter how brief, for him. Also proceeding past Sept. 28th 1939 for a considerable period of time, I was unable to find the disposition of Mr. Hawkins, what and where the institution/ asylum may be. It is possible it was listed, but in the lower washed out section of the micro-tape.   
A fellow MCHC member, Ms. Delores Mode (remember, Troy Modes wife), myself and others are attempting to locate more information on the "Colony" and hopefully a photograph, for you.
Mr. Mitchon said that his parents were good friends of the Cryer family who cooked for and managed the "Colony" in what he believes was the mid to late 30's to early 40's. Their grandson, Cliff Cryer, owns an automotive repair shop in Cameron. My wife and I volunteer at the Milam County Museum and Historic Jail Museum in Cameron every other Thursday, so this coming Thursday I'll visit Cliff.  I'll see if he or any other of his family members might have inherited anything that would interest you or us(MCHC/ Milam County Museum).
I'll forward any additional information that I might find to you.
I am cc'ing a copy of this email to our MCHC webmaster, Mr. Jerry Caywood, who is kind enough to manage our site and forward requests, such as yours, to the members for disposition.
Respectfully, Jack Brooks    bjohnr2010(AT)hotmail(DOT)com       cell 904-six08-five55five
reply: Mr. Brooks, this is wonderful information (as sad as it is) more than I was expecting to receive so quickly.  Thank you and the wonderful people who work so hard to help keep history alive for people like myself and family who start out with really not knowing much about the person we're searching for to finding out much more. I guess I'll start with this information and try and work backwards to find out where he came from and his parents. Thanks a "Million" again. Please let me know if there is any more information you might happen to find and please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Greatfully yours, Wilda. I will call you Monday if that is fine with you. Don't want to bother you on the weekend.

received 2013-10-03
Donna Truitt
128 Lakewood Trail, Leander, TX 78641
I am looking for info on the
Guano (sp?) Church built in the 1800's by the Campbells. It was located somewhere around Thorndale close to what is now the Pleasant Retreat Church and cemetery.
(If anyone has info, please contact Ms Truitt with copy to me.)
REPLY FROM JACK BROOKS: 2014-01-27 - Hello Ms. Truitt, Regarding your above post, I'll share what I have been able to find out... MORE                                                                                                                                 

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