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Allen Belzel
1092 CR 336
Lexington, TX 78947

I am trying to reach the caretaker for the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Can you email me contact info or forward him or her my phone number.


Allen Belzel   


Standard reply to Mr Belzel.  Info Request forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in MC history.



Hello, Mr. Belzel.

I apologize for the delay in contacting you. I received no answer at your contact telephone number and a recording stated that your voice mailbox was not set up.

Two of the most knowledgeable gentleman related to this cemetery, Billy Tom McDaniel and Bill Avrett, have passed in the last few years. Personally, I was unable to locate any other contacts. I try not to impose on Rockdale's ever helpful Phillips and Luckey Funeral Home but I ran out of leads. Please see their helpful response below. I attempted to contact Mr. Yount by telephone but received no answer and was unable to leave a VMS message. Should you have a similar issue, I believe that I have a public records contact address for Mr. Yount from the Milam County Appraisers Office:
Mr. Bobby Yount
8802 Sansom Rd.
Austin, TX. 78754.

The following articles are related to the well maintained Pleasant Hill Cemetery, should you be interested.


Jack Brooks

P.S. I emailed Ms. Gracile and thanked her for her kind assistance to us.



From: Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home

Subject: Re: Caretaker or Cemetery Association member Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Hello Jack Brooks,

I was just going through the e-mails and found this.  The contact person for Pleasant Hill Cemetery is Bobby Yount: 512-926-5990.  Thank you for sending the note to us, we are always glad to help.

Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home
P.O. Drawer 1417
Rockdale, Texas 76567


On Monday, November 21, 2016 10:21 PM, John Brooks <> wrote:

Hi Gracile.

Would you or one of the knowledgeable P&L staff be kind enough to assist me with a Milam County Historical Commission inquiry?.

A Mr. Allen Belzel of Lexington is inquiring of the Caretaker/Association President contact info of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. If you would care to forward Mr. Belzel's Telephone # to your listed contact, for privacy reasons, that would be fine as well. His Contact: (979) 212-1694

Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to provide.

Jack Brooks 
(904) 608-5555