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Robert L. Mueck
9307 Highlands Cove
Boerne, Texas 78006


Good morning,

I grew up in the Salem community, more towards the Little River, County Rd 208/216, but now live in San
Antonio, TX.  I visit often, as I still have relatives in Milam county.

Although I my family is more recent, the German/Czechs brought in by the railroads of the 1890's 1910's, I
have an interest with the times right before the influx. 

I was interested in any additional sources of the W. S. G. Wilson house.  Also, are there still residents
living there, since the original article was written in January 20, 1982.

I also very conscientious and respectful to the complicated personal interactions of plantation life.

I see that Mr. Paul Terry Nabours passed June 26, 2009.  Is Ms. Maureen House still alive.

best regards,
Robert L. Mueck



Replied to Mr Mueck and email forwarded to MCHC members and others.


Tense Tumlinson

Paul Nabours sold  the Salem house to Hollis Lewis, a Cameron attorney, and his wife, Liz, who continue to
live there.

Tense Nabours Tumlinson (Paul's sister)