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My father-in-law Glenn Goetz, passed away on 1 Sept 2011 and was buried at the Sharp Cemetery in Sharp, TX
(Milam county) on 7 Sept 2011. I am in the Army and my family and I will be moving to AZ from OH in a few days
for my next assignment. When Glenn passed I was deployed to Iraq and my wife was alone at home in AK and could
not attend any of the services. I want to surprise my wife by adding Sharp Cemetery as a stop during our trip
so she may visit his grave for the first time. I am having trouble finding information on Sharp Cemetery, and
I was hoping you could help. I need the address of the cemetery so I can add it as a stop on our trip. I was
also wondering if there was a way to find his headstone location ahead of time so we won't have to search for

I thank you for your time and I appreciate any information you can provide.
Robert Lorek


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Mr. Lorek,
The first order of business is to thank you for your military service to our country and then to let you know
that the MCHC would be honored to assist you.

Like so many of our cemeteries, I was unable to find a physical address for its location. Should you be
intending to use a GPS to access the site, a friend of mine resides about one half mile west of the cemetery
on N FM 487. His address is 12222 N. FM 487, Buckholts, TX. 76518.

I'm assuming that you'll be approaching from the north, so you'll pass the cemetery on your right before you
get to his address. Attachment # 1 and 2 may also assist you. These references are from Norinne Holman's  170
Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas. Ms. Holman has been kind enough to allow us to use her books
when assisting guests that visit our website. Her book was published in 1999 and therefore doesn't list your
wife's more recently departed family members.

Another friend, Ms. Molly Modesette is a member of the Sharp Cemetery Association. I called upon her since she
is intimately familiar with the cemetery. She said that you would need to drive down the main entrance road to
the cemetery and it will run into a perpendicular road in the rear. The Goetz family members are all interred
in one plot and it should be to the left of this intersection.  She further stated that Herman Goetz headstone
was quite prominent and that it couldn't be overlooked. They are located in section # 2. The cemetery is
modest in size with approximately 532 souls interred.

Molly also offered a failsafe. There is a flagpole in the front of the cemetery and adjacent to it is a large
mailbox with a cemetery plot layout of the interred and a guest book. Molly also asked if your family members
would be kind enough to sign the book.

When I visited the Find-a-Grave website, I noted that there was a headstone photo of Herman, but not Glenn,
posted. If you would like, and anticipate taking digital photo's of the Goetz family headstones, I would be
happy to post them to the Find-A-Grave website for you. It's quite easy to do, should you care to do the same



On behalf of the Milam County Historical Commission, we wish you and yours safe travel and that you have a
save and rewarding military career.

Jack Brooks


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