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Dawn Sanford
110 S. Oak Bluff Blvd
Boerne, Texas 78006

Hello and Good Day,

I am researching my Great-Great Grandfather and any information, obituary or articles or newspapers in English or in German language etc.  No need to translate if you may have info on Charles Herman Aigner around the times of 1904. Burlington, La Grange and surrounding area. Or advise me how to obtain a copy of it.

Thank you,

Dawn Sanford



Standard reply sent to Dawn Sanford.  Email forwarded to MCHC members and others interested in M.C. history.



Dawn Sanford
110 S. Oak Bluff Blvd.
Boerne, Texas 78006

Good Day,

I am researching my great great grandfather and any information, obituary or articles or newspapers English or in German language etc.

No need to translate if any you may have on Charles Herman Aigner around the times of 1904, 1871,1860, 1857. Milam, Burlington, La Grange, Colorado and surrounding area.
How to obtain a copy of it.

Thank you,
Dawn Sanford

(this email is almost identical to the first email - JAC)



Hello, Ms. Sanford.
Since I was starting from square one on your inquiry, I attempted to see if Charles Herman Aigner was interred in one of our Milam County cemeteries. Our local reference source is; 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas,  which is authored by Mrs. Norinne Holman. I found a Herman Aigner with a mortality date of 1904 listed in Burials; Unknown Sites (Volume # 1, pg. 52). (See attachment # 1).  Since that means that there is some record of death, it also means that the same record failed to specify a place of interment.

It also means that of the 235 cemeteries in and of close proximity to Milam County, that the corresponding headstone was not seen after all the cemeteries were inventoried.

The next step was to research the Milam County Death Record books. In this case, Volume # 1, 1903-1920. (See attachment # 2). No burial location shown. My next thought was to look up the Burlington Cemetery in Norinne's cemetery book where I found numerous Aigner's interred (Volume # 1, pg. 106). (See attachment # 3).

I did find a Charles F. W. Aigner but he expired in 1943. I decided to then check Find-a-Grave to see if their site knew something that Milam County didn't. (See attachment # 4). Obviously BeNotForgot found documentation to place "Herman" in the Burlington Cemetery.

I attempted to find an obituary and possibly other newspaper articles on Herman but was unsuccessful. I did find this snippet in the Cameron Herald dated June 2nd, 1904. I wasn't sure if this was Charles Herman Aigner or possibly Charlie F.W. Aigner. (See attachment # 5). I found numerous brief articles related to many of the Aigner family members up until the 1950's. They ranged from farm produce sales, taking children to State Fairs, numerous marriage license applications to even registering an automobile. Should you be interested in researching these newspapers, I'll explain how this is accomplished should you not know.

When it comes to researching Milam County newspapers, this layman has found that it is best to go to the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library website;
In the toolbar to the left, choose The Portals of Texas History, Texas Digital Newspaper Archives. Then delete 'Rockdale' in the search bar and put in the family members name in which you're searching. I strictly used the surname Aigner when I searched. If you search Charles Aigner, make sure that both the surname and given name are enclosed in quotation marks, otherwise you'll get separate "hits" for every Charles Smith, Jones etc. plus Aigner. You'll note in the toolbar to the left under collections that the LHP site has grouped the Rockdale Reporter Newspaper and the Cameron Herald for you. The digitized searchable Rockdale Reporter newspaper articles run from 1897- to at least the 1960's. The Cameron Herald has limited digitization and I haven't been able to research it earlier than the 1930's. One additional item that may assist your search is that you'll note that you may search by decades and that may be further broken down into individual years.

If I have over simplified this due to your experience level, I apologize for that. This is to assist those less experience who may also be reading this post and have wondered how this information was obtained.

Hopefully one of our more experienced members of the MCHC may be able to further contribute to your inquiry. I wish you continued success in your future genealogical research of Herman Aigler.

Best regards,
Jack Brooks


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