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My great great great grandfather Charles G Wilcox is buried here. May I visit the site? I would like
to show my son who is named after him.


I forwarded this email to the MCHC members and to others interested in M.C. history-genealogy.


I also replied to Demra:


Thank you for contacting the Milam County Historical Commission.

I checked the book "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, TX" by Norinne Holder Holman and
found that Charles G. Wilcox - born in Kentucky, b. 1803 - d. 1867 is buried in the Port Sullivan
Cemetery. Also buried there is Ann E. Wilcox - born in Mississippi - b. 1850 - d.1867.

The Port Sullivan Cemetery heading in the book reads:
"Port Sullivan Cemetery
Revisited by Norinne Holder Holman on March 5, 2000.

The Port Sullivan Cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of Milam County near the Brazos River
and twently-five miles from Cameron.

To go to the inactive cemetery from Cameron, in the north central part of the county, drive north on
U.S. Highway 77 five miles to Farm to Market Road 485 and continue for almost fourteen miles to
Branchville .

Proceed about four miles to County Road 259l and turn to the left.  Pass the Hispanic Cemetery on the
right and take the first dirt road to the left.  There are two different graveyards here and are
separated by a fence. (The fence is not always visible from the road)  The first burial ground on the
left is the African-American section, and at the large monument with a chain link fence is the beginning
of the white section.

On the second visit in 2000 the graveyard had been cleaned about two months previously, and several
unrecorded stones  were discovered.

Of the 171 names identified ten come from various death records and about twenty-three more people have
only a funeral marker.

The earliest burials recorded are the Anderson baby's in 1832 and Mary S. and Thomas R. Barton's in
1849.  The earliest birth year recorded is Reuben Anderson's in 1793.  Thomas J. H. Anderson, who is
buried here, was the Grand Lodge Master of Texas.

Port Sullivan and Old Nashville are two of the oldest Angle settlements in Texas.  The area of Port
Sullivan already had inhabitants when Augustus W. Sullivan laid out the town in 1851; he had lived here
since 1842.  Though the Civil War did not affect the town of eight hundred people, the coming of the
railroad spelled its doom.  Today there are three cemeteries to remind people of what was once a
thriving town with two colleges.

Reportedly, Robert E. Lee was stationed here before the Civil War to keep the Indians under control."

I will forward your email to the MCHC members and to MC Genealogical Society members and other
interested persons.

You will probably be hearing from some of them.

Thank you

Jerry Caywood
MCHC Web Administrator


Mary Neely

Jerry, Did the man say where the house was located (what town) in Milam Co.  I don't know of any family
named Rogers in Gause.  Never heard my dad mention anyone by that name. I will ask around.
Mary Neely