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Bailey Edsall-Parr
920 Narcissus Drive
East Lansing, Michigan 48823

I recently discovered I am descended from the Martin/Walker/Westbrook line {I am descended from a sibling of Rachel McCorra Westbrook via my father's side}. I'm now curious to inquire about the rumored Native American ancestry of this family. Do you know which tribe it possibly was from? I have genetic evidence to support an Indian link for this family {I am into genetic genealogy and the segment I inherited from this line is partially Native American in composition}. Is there any documented evidence to support an Indian connection?

I am planning on hiring a genealogist to investigate this but I wanted to hear from you first. I hope this is acceptable. Thank you for your time!



Standard reply to Mr Edsall-Parr.  Email forwarded to MCHC members.



C and H <

I would suggest doing a DNA like Ancestry. This has been the best route to find Ancestors and find if a Native American Ancestor was really there.  So far
batting 100% at no Native American Ancestors with the families Iíve traced DNA
on.  Seems everyone has a story they have a Native American Ancestor.  It is
actually a popular story (Google it).

Good Luck!
Holly Bonorden Jentsch


Peggy Wright <
There are currently members of these families living in the area.
Would you be interested in contacting them?

We would need to have additional information to identify the correct lines.

I have had good results with Ancestry DNA. They give results in percentages. (example: Mine is 91% Great Britain, 4% Irish, 5% other small percentages).

And, if you are an Ancestry member, they identify other members with your DNA matches.
Of course, there are other possibilities.

Good Luck.
Peggy Wright



Thanks, I'm just confused. The connection we share is the Martin family {via Valentine Martin II and Nancy Moore}, and the genetic segment is partially Native American. However, that's all that's known.

Bailey Edsall-Parr