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I finally had some time and went to the Hirt - Braun Cemetery, AKA Brown Cemetery. On the website I sent you for the cemetery the in pic with all the stones in it you see two sets of stones with crosses. The set to the right are tilted in the pic. Well when we showed up they were down, looks like for awhile already. Those stone are my gg-grandparent's stones. I was wondering what I can do to get them back upright, and attach them back to the bases, and attach the crosses back onto them? Do you have anyway of knowing what I can do?
reply: If anyone has info re repair of stones, please reply to:
Charlotte Wilhelm
Manor, Texas 78653
REPLY 2014-01-15: Fear not Ms. Wilhelm, we're here to the rescue. Due to the neglect, we're going to have to clear the grounds of underbrush and fallen trees before we can get the mini-crane in there to lift the 300-400 lb. dies to reattach them. The bases need to be stabilized and leveled prior to that and then each section epoxied with the crosses as the finishing touch.
We cut up most of the downed trees this afternoon and did a considerable amount of mowing. Once we get the tree cuttings to a compost/ burn pile and out of the way, we then can get started on re-erecting your monuments.
We have another volunteer project that we've been working on that had over 40 markers that needed re-erecting and some weighing up to 900lbs.(obelisk's). Plus it is over 2 acres, so your 150' x 125' cemetery is a "cake walk". We should be able to "knock it out" for you in just a few days.
I also have obituary's for both Joseph and Bertha Hirt

Dear Ms. Wilhelm,
It has been our pleasure to repair your ancestors headstones and to make improvements to the Hirt-Braun Cemetery.
I mailed the photo album/ scrapbook to you, this afternoon, via USPS. Tracking number9114901189866404002481, expected delivery Friday 03/07/14.
We received an inquiry via the Milam County Genealogical Society(indirectly) regarding the repair of some headstones in the Smith family plot at Hickory Grove Cemetery. Since your Hirt ancestors headstones have fallen, in that same cemetery, we'll repair them as well. I can't recall if your husbands Praesel ancestors headstones needed attention, but if so, we'll address them also. I believe the reason I was distracted due to their condition, was because I  remember reading the beautiful inscription/ poems on them.
As you observed, when you last visited Hickory Grove, that the cemetery was badly neglected and overgrown. We have since cut up all the dead fallen trees and made 6 sizeable burn piles. We've also mowed and string trimmed it. It looks considerably better, but it makes all the damaged and fallen headstones look all the more pronounced.    We're not going to be able to work miracles overnight. This will be a gradual improvement project as time is available. We'll email photo's to you as repairs are completed.    We also owe a sincere THANK YOU to both the Milam County Historical Commission and the Milam County Genealogical Society members for so strongly supporting our Milam County historic cemetery preservation efforts.  We are also appreciative of you very kind words. Blessing to you and yours as well.   Sincerely and respectfully, Jack & Beth Brooks
Subject: RE: Hirt Braun Cemetery
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2014
Jack & Beth,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I want to thank both of you for all you have done. Also for the great respect and honor you bestow upon the families of the for fathers of Milam County. May God Bless you always. Thank you,  Charlotte Wilhelm17901 Steger LaneManor, Texas 78653
Subject: Hirt Braun Cemetery
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014
Ms. Wilhelm, We've completed all the cemetery improvements and the "scrap" book. If you'll provide your address, I'll mail it to you. Regards, Jack Brooks
Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
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Brown Cemetery
AKA Joe Brown Cemetery
AKA Hirt-Braun Cemetery

This cemetery (aka the Joe Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, and/or Hirt-Braun Cemetery) is
located in the southwest quadrant of Milam Co. To get to this inactive cemetery from
Rockdale, take US Hwy 79 west towards Thorndale about 5.5-miles to CR 306 L and turn
right. Go about 2-miles, passing the sign for Hickory Grove Cemetery and Garza Cemetery
and about one-quarter mile a home and building will come into view. There is a gate just
prior to those buildings, turn right and drive to cemetery.
(directions as per

Comments from Charlotte Wilhelm: My ggg-grandfather (Franz Joseph von Roth & my
gg-grandparents (Joseph and Bertha Hirt) are buried in this cemetery, along with other

Additional Info:

Thanks to Charlotte Wilhelm, Manor, TX - charles091777@hotmail(dot)com - for information
on this Cemetery, which we did not even have on our list of Milam County cemeteries. 
Thank you!


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CR 306
Brown Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Photos courtesy of Jack and Beth Brooks
Photos courtesy of Jack and Beth Brooks
Hirt-Braun Cemetery
Hrt Braun Cemetery
Photos courtesy  of Jack Brooks