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Miscellaneous Photos
Rockdale, TX High School Class of 1924
                 Rockdale, TX High School Graduating Class - 1924

photo courtesy of Ms. Diana L. Shackelford

Mrs Shackelford's Grandmother - Carmen Jaimes - is 5th from the left in the back row.

                          Class of 1924 Roster
(names do not reflect photo order)
Ruth J. Bunting, Don C. Cohn, Helen Coulter Ryan, Homer Thomas Dymke, Ina Mae Hillyer Dixon, Aileen Lamont James Kelly, Mary Osie Lee Kilpatrick, Miriam Walker Lowenstein,
Willie Lesueur Day, Ailene Catchings McCorry, Robbie I. Williams Holley, Carmen Jaimes Perez, Ruby Lee Offield McDaniels, Robert Lee Sykes, Malcolm Alexander Green, Clara Bell Lee Burney, Thelma Mae Stephens Reichert, Ruth Bowling Gray, Emmagene Ferguson,
Ruth Elinor Spiegel, Wilden H. Caldwell, Lena Hendrex, Charlsye B. Gregory
Mae Rutherford & W.T. Sr Todd Pearson
Myrtle Mae Rutherford Pearson
& W. T. 'Todd' Pearson Sr.
Mae Rutherford & W.T. Sr Todd Pearson
W. T. Pearson Sr & Jr, Collier Pearson
(on left: L-R)
Collier Pearson, W.T. Pearson Sr., W.T. Pearson Jr.

unknown - photo taken on Main St, Rockdale

dates are unknown
Pearson photos
Collier & W. T. Sr Todd Pearson .
W. T. Todd Pearson Sr. &
Mae Rutherford Pearson
James Collier Pearson & W. T. Todd Pearson Sr.
Photos courtesy of Tom Pearson
Rockdale Lutheran Church
Rockdale Lutheran Church -
date unknown
Dora Poole's Millinery Shop - Rockdale, TX 1912
Millinery Shop of Mrs. Dora Poole (1912-1915).  It was located on the corner where "Vera's Shop" had been located in Rockdale  until it burned in 1974.
S.A. & A. P. Depot - Rockdale