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Physical Education Building - Cameron, TX
Physical Education Bldg.
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American Milk Co - Cameron, TX
American Milk Co - Cameron, TX
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American Milk Products Co.
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Rockdale Nursery Company - O.K. Phillips
Photo courtesty of Pamela Phillips Brautigam-Zwecker
The young boy on the horse is believed to be
O. K. Phillips

    date unknown
R. V. Arnold, Rockdale TX - Hood's Brigade
Hood's Texas Brigade

Two members of John Hood's Texas Brigade pose for a formal photo during a reunion that took place in Floresville, Texas on October 13, 1915. Pictured left to right are R.V. Arnold of Rockdale, Texas and H. W. Berryman of Cherokee County, Texas. Both gentlemen are wearing their reunion ribbons.
THomas Buddy Todd Phillips 66 gas station - Rockdale, TX
Thomas "Buddy" Floyd Todd 'Phillips 66' gas station - Rockdale, TX ca. 1950
Rockdale-area preachers 1963 (From left, fill in ‘Reverend’ or the appropriate title): Richard Sparks, Milano Baptist; S. J. Ciatti, St. Joseph’s Catholic; J. N. Forman, First Baptist; O. E. Lybarger, Church of the Nazarene; F. T. Sager, Peace Lutheran; Frank Cady, St. John’s United Methodist; William Ernst, Mt. Zion Baptist; M. E. Brown, Full Gospel Chapel; Reuel Cooper, Thorndale First Baptist; Frank Buechley, First Christian.
Rockdale Ministers - 1963
Photo - Rockdale Reporter
Ruby Offield McDaniel - Arthur T. McDaniel
Ruby Lee Offield McDaniel
Arthur T. McDaniel
Photo believed to be taken at Sandow, TX - Date unknown
E. R. Cornelison
E. R. Cornelison
Served as a commissioned bounty hunter for Milam County after
the Civil War

Miranda Francis Dora Lowe Caywood
Rockdale (Tex) Reporter -
May 20, 1954 - page 6

"Milam Pioneer, Mrs. W. I. Caywood Is Buried Here

Mrs. W. I. Caywood, 93 year old Rockdale resident who came to this section of country in
a covered wagon, died Friday afternoon at her home after a prolonged illness.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon from the Phillips and Luckey chapel by
Rev. Roy Turner of the First Christian Church and assisting minister was Rev. Burton
Smith of St. John's Methodist Church. Burial was made at Sandy Creek cemetery. Grandsons
served as pallbearers.
Miranda Frances Dora (Lowe) Caywood was born August 19, 1860 at Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Her parents were Elizabeth and J. Reilly Lowe. In the later eighteen seventies when still
in her teens she married W. I. Caywood and a year or so later they, with an infant son,
Will, started out for a journey to Texas in a covered wagon that was drawn by oxen.
Being fleet of foot she walked over much of the way and would help with the oxen and
wagon where streams had to be crossed along the route. Mrs. Caywood had vivid
recollections of the venturesome journey and often related to the younger generations the
incidents that took place.
Outstanding in her memory was the terrifying experience of passing through the Indian
Territory where they came upon a band of Indians who were so captivated with the couple's
baby son that they offered one hundred horses as an exchange for him. The young mother
became so alarmed that as night approached she frantically brought safety pins into play
and pinned the child to her. They had no further trouble and slowly made their way to Lee
County, Texas, locating at Old Dime Box.
For the next few years Mr. and Mrs. Caywood made return trips to Arkansas but each time
the Texas call became so strong that they returned and later came to Milam County,
locating on farm land near Rockdale.
Mr. Caywood died in 1932.
Mrs. Caywood was the mother of ten children. She was greatly interested in the younger
generations of her family and readily called their names as they made frequent visits
with her.
Up until recent years she had led a most active life, and had a love for the out-of-doors
where she could see something grow.
Mrs. Caywood had lived in Rockdale for many years, her son Ruben Caywood having remained
with her throughout the time until his death on the fourteenth of February this year.
Since that time the younger son, Lewis Caywood and his wife had been in the home with
her. She was a long time member of the Christian Church.
The following eight children survive, all of whom were present for her final rites:
Will, Lee, Jim, Ed and Lewis Caywood of Rockdale and George Caywood of Silsbee, Mrs.
Susie Davis of Wichita Falls, Mrs. T. W. Cotton of Milano; also there are 31
grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Two sons,
Robert and Ruben met death in automobile accidents."

Miranda Francis Dora Lowe Caywood
E. R. Cornelison was the Grandfather of Mrs. Leroy Carter who lived in Rockdale.