Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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Davilla Baptist Church
Davilla, TX
FM487 in Davilla, TX
0.5 mile from intersection of
FM437 and FM 487
Davilla Baptist Church
A Presbytery consisting of W. Beasley, L. Williams, P.
T. Corneal, and E. Allison met at Mumford Springs,
Milam County, Texas (present day Davilla) to organize
Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in 1866. From 1868
to 1870 the congregation held services in the Davilla
Methodist Church building. In 1870 the congregation
purchased a town lot here in Davilla where they
constructed a sanctuary in 1871. The congregation was
subsequently renamed the Baptist Church of Christ at
Davilla, Texas. Early baptisms took place in several
nearby creeks. People from the area west of Davilla
and others converted by evangelist Elder Penn joined
the congregation in the late 1870s. Church records
indicate that the congregation has been referred to as
Davilla Baptist Church since 1904. For many years a
tabernacle adjacent to the church building was used by
various local denominations for summer revivals. A
baptistry was installed in the sanctuary in 1955. On
February 16, 1992, the congregation held their last
Sunday School and church services in the original 1871
church building and later that year a new sanctuary
was completed at this site. The church continues to
provide religious instruction and serve the community
with various programs and activities. Sesquicentennial
of Texas Statehood 1845-1995
Davilla Baptist Church Historical Marker - Davilla, Milam, TX
Erected 1995
Davilla Baptist Church - Davilla, Milam, TX
Davilla Baptist Church - Davilla, Milam, TX