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Apache Pass River Crossing
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Intersection of FM 908 & CR 428
Worley Bridge
101-year-old Worley Bridge spans the San Gabriel River adjacent to Apache Pass complex.
Reporter file photo - Mike Brown
                                        October Start for Bridge Project
                                      Rockdale Reporter - September 19, 2013

The 101-year-old Worley Bridge is going back to the future. Or maybe it’s ahead to the past.

Whatever term you prefer, beginning next month, restoration on the 101-year-old landmark should begin with the
goal to have the remarkable old iron structure looking the way it did just prior to World War I.

A pre-construction meeting on the long-awaited restoration project was held Thursday in the Texas Department of
Transportation (TxDOT) office in Cameron and Ellis-McGinnis Co. of Eddy was awarded the contract.

The renovation project is set to begin on Monday, Oct. 7. During the project the contractor will lift the
bridge off its supports with a crane and set it in a pasture.

While in “drydock,” the historic bridge will be restored to as near its original look as possible.

The restored bridge will then be replaced on its supports and reopened to traffic.

In May, 2011, the bridge, which links FM 908 to FM 486 through County Road 428, was closed to vehicular

Under the terms of the contract awarded on Thursday, the company has eight months to complete the project,
although completion could be substantially earlier.

Some sub-contractors have already moved to the bridge site.

It’s estimated the bridge “pick” (lifting off supports) will take place in late October.


It appears that the major challenge is over. Once the new approach ramps and decking are placed, we'll be able
to "joy" ride. I hope that the "old girl" serves the Milam County residents for another 100 years.

Photos below and comments by Jack Brooks - 2014-03-03

Worley Bridge (Duncan Bridge)
Worley Bridge (Duncan Bridge)
Worley Bridge (Duncan Bridge)
Worley Bridge (Duncan Bridge)
Renovated Worley Bridge
Photo by Mike Brown - Rockdale Reporter
BACK IN ‘BUSINESS’ - After being out of service for almost three years, the 100-year-old-plus Worley Bridge over the San Gabriel River is again open to light vehicular traffic. The bridge, on County Road 428, closed in May, 2011 “isolating” some families north of the river who had to make long trips to FM 487 or through Thorndale to access destinations south of the river. The historic bridge was lifted off its pedestals, rehabilitated and placed back at the same spot.

Rockdale Reporter
June 5, 2014